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Duration 48m 56s Level Intermediate Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 ?332MB

Welcome to Volume 5 of the 2D Racing Game Series in Unity In this tutorial, we will be discussing the
final processes before packaging up our game.

We’ll start out by learning how to set up a main menu. Here we’ll learn about how to display an image
for our background and how to create the buttons needed to load our level or quit the game. From there,
we’ll discuss how to reduce memory usage by learning about the information displayed in the Stats

Then we’ll open the profiler and discuss how it can help us see any areas in our game that may be
taking up too much memory. Here we’ll also discuss some possible solutions, like consolidating scripts,
that will reduce our memory usage. After that, we’ll create a material manager script that will help us
reduce the number of materials we have in our project, thus reducing the GPU usage.

Then we’ll wrap us the series by learning how to build our final version of the game. We’ll discuss
what options need to be set up in order to create a stand-alone version of your game that can then be
distributed to your desired platform.