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Power NURBS for 3ds Max 9


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The Next Generation of Modeling. Power NURBS [PRO].

Power NURBS unique hybrid approach fuses the next generation NURBS surface construction technology with the industry?s leading Solids Modeling technology bringing an unparalleled modeling experience to the 3ds Max Platform.

Power NURBS modeling environment is designed to provide artist intuitive access to complex advanced modeling tools allowing you to expand your creative potential beyond the polygon world.

Imagine NURBS that work.

Quickly sketch out your idea with our free form NURBS curve network. Easily, blend or sweep your curves into complex interconnected organic shapes. Intuitively re-sculpt your form on the fly while changes automatically propagate through your model.

Produce complex surface detail by drawing and projecting curves onto your model. Cutaway, intersect, join or Boolean surfaces and solids without having to clean up polygon errors. Feel the joy of selecting any edge or set of edges and applying numerous fillet combinations that work and with our resolution independent meshing technology. Never worry about poly count again. Sound too good to be true? Think again. It?s all here in Power NURBS, so stop imagining and truly experience the next generation of modeling.

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In the last month or so, the Pixologic crew was invited by the Ubisoft crowd to come see the work being done on high-end games, with their application. The artists told how they were wrapt about how well ZBrush 3.0 could be utilized, some scenes from ?Assassin?s Creed? and ?Rainbow 6 Vegas? were shown, and the discussion turned to the ZBrush workflow.

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