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Craft Director Tools is a suite of plug-ins for Direct Animation in Maya and 3ds Max. Direct animation is a ground breaking animation discipline in which animators are given greater precision and control.
Objects and cameras are steered manually in the 3D environment with the aid of such input devices as a joystick or a 3D mouse.

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Learn a production workflow to creating stylized female characters, working with art direction, and several time-saving techniques for modeling, UV layout, texturing, and material and shader setup. Contains over 6.5 hours of project-based training for artists learning the artistic processes of creating stylized females as seen in animated feature films

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Description: Creating characters for games presents many challenges for the 3D artist. Issues such as poly count, flexibility of the rig, art direction, and the game environment itself will dictate the final look of the character. In this DVD, Mayan continues from the head model and design used in Head Modeling for Games, demonstrating the tools and techniques used to create low polygon characters. Topics such as working from a concept design, poly count, scripts, props and topology are discussed.

Over 2 1/2 hours of lecture.

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