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34 comments on “Adobe After Effects CS3 with 40 Plugins and Adobe Bridge

  1. This Program doesn’t work. It crashed. Error’s out. Anyone else have the same issues?

    Error 1 “The Licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must re-install or call customer support”

    error 2 “After Effects can’t continure: sorry, After Effects has crashed. If you can’t resolve the issue, please contact Adobe Technical Support”

  2. Hi, Not a single problem whit me DaRaVEn3d. it seems to work normally… but you know, when I execute this I found that the .exe file creates a sniffer….

    Does any one knows wath is the sniffer for?
    I mean, I usually trust this site…. I just want to know if is working like a troyan or what?

    best regrads…

  3. hi,
    thankyou for your answer. and thanx a lot for the site I’ve never heard before…

    Well in the results is not 5 antivirus but 3:
    Antivirus Version Result
    CAT-QuickHeal 9.50 2008.02.18 (Suspicious) – DNAScan
    Panda 2008.02.19 Suspicious file
    Webwasher-Gateway 6.6.2 2008.02.19 Win32.Malware.gen (suspicious)

    So, I also find ( in C:\Windows\Prefetch)two files created the day I tested the software, called SNIFFER_GPU.EXE(long number).pf… wich is a comprpessed file often used to protect confidental data

    mmmm… curious isn’t? can you contact the uploader?…. ’cause otherwise the software seems to work fine, but you can’t extract the plugins, that actually was the reason I was interested in the file….

    thanx for your help

  4. This doesn’t work. I got the same error as the first post here. And why is there a CMD dos thingy seems suspicious. Please test first before posting this

  5. If you got it to work lautreamont, what did you do?
    Keeps erroring out on me.
    Same errors…
    Error 1 ?The Licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must re-install or call customer support?

    error 2 ?After Effects can?t continure: sorry, After Effects has crashed. If you can?t resolve the issue, please contact Adobe Technical Support?
    Do I need to have a version of AE CS3 installed in order to use this???

  6. Hi all,
    That file SNIFFER_GPU.EXE is the same one that the original AE CS3 Pro I have installed at work creates for its normal workflow. Also, in “C:\Windows\Prefetch” you’ll find a bunch of copies of any executable you install on your system ’cause it’s a system restore folder.

    Anyway I have looked at the inside strings of the file with a PE debugger and I haven’t find anything suspicious like URLs or DLLs or things like that…

    Of course it still could be a sniffer or a trojan, but also could be a kind of AE helping server to handle with GPU requests. The new version of photoshop CS3 have something similar too.

    And after all, don’t you thing that’s silly to make a Sniffer and name it SNIFFER*.EXE?

    Thanks for your site admin, it’s impresive.


  7. Sorry for didn’t answer before DaRaVEn3D. I take some days away of coputers… I need to do this from time to time ;)

    Well, i used the file in the pc i have installed AE CS3, I didn’t do anything special, just start the program , it takes more time than normally to load, then I tested the plugs and everything looks fine… maybe yo do need to install cs3 before… but then again, the original AfterFX.exe was replaced by this one, and a bunch of files were new, it take me a hole AE and the common fles reinstall to get it back to normal.

    The worse is that may be Tau is right…

  8. it’s interesting plugins, but can u post the links for plugins just without AF CS3.


  9. Dude just post the link to the plugs. I already have AECS3. Besides it’s such a pain in the aesh to have to download the entire Adobe app just to get the plugs.

  10. any have collections of after effects plugins if yes then plz upload rapidshare links ..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. @DaRaVEn3D
    Hi, DaRaVEn3D. I’ve same problem as yours…
    message appear: ?The Licensing subsystem has failed catastrophically. You must re-install or call customer support?
    I found the link, but I still confuse..

    can u help to solve my problem? I’m using Windows Vista OS. I can’t found “FLEXnet Licensing Service” on my Administrative Tools.. Help me please….. =)

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  14. hi friends, does anybody know, whether there is a middle east version of this software? how do you do if you want to copy and paste perisan/arabic texts to After Effects?
    tks for any comments.

  15. hi tried the behruz link but it didn’t work for me does anybody have a good keygen?

  16. those are preview version, many effects like cc glass or particle doesnt exist :(

  17. Hi all,
    Thanks for this little discussion … I found my AE created a sniffer (sniffer_gpu.exe) too and I was a little anxious about it.

    So I understand it’s nothing agressive in particular, right ? Nor something vital, because I simply removed it …

    Thanks you for suggestions

  18. whowantsmy 200 plug ins for adobe after effects cs3..
    who wants? ei.. Xhhehehe

  19. share if u want to share “whowantsmy” and stop being such a freak!!!

  20. i have loaded just now, this program is very excellent because there are all plugins in the program

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