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65 comments on “AfterBurn 4.0 for 3dsmax 9-2008 (32/64 Bit)

  1. oops was reading the wrong message

    I get a wrong AUTH code so the serial might be correct.

  2. I found the working keygen here
    i dont know if i saw it before but when you run the crack/keygen
    are you picking the correct program at the top of the box?

  3. the error that appears is:”you have entered an incorrect authorization code. without a proper code plug-in will not work”

  4. ok so when i click on the authorize button it just takes me to a page that says “navigation to the webpage was canceled”
    any solutions?

  5. Does anyone know that the DCPCFLICS15-KG.EXE has GENERIC TROJAN 10 and may be the reason the authorization isn’t working – it’s very agressive virus.

  6. hi , i have the same problem . I think we don’t have java script. On another computer works fine

  7. HI up!

    If you turn off the antivirus just for 15 minutes you can execute the keygen.

  8. hi i have problems with the crack . i copy the request code into the keygen and the authorization code shows up but where it should be the serial number it says that the serial number is in the clipboard…
    what does that mean ???
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Still facing the error
    [localhost] trying to connect
    [localhost] Error connecting to the socket()
    This may be solved by restarting windows or manually starting windows service called DCPFLICS

    the service is running and still the same issue. What should I do?

  10. same as with dreamscape this shit wont work :S i tried the plugins on max 2009 and max 9 but i get errors like “?navigation to the web page canceled? or that my authorization code is incorrect, i did all the things in the readme!

    Put my request key in the keygen = > then you get the authorization code from the keygen, after that i copied the very long serial from the clipboard

    But it won’t work !! if someone find a good solution plz e-mail me, i want this software!

  11. Hello is there anybody can Help me with this when i want to crack afterburn i have this Message “serials are in the clipboard” where is the clipboard ??

  12. Man… Clipboard! Where everything is “copied”, the temporary “memory” of your windows.

    He recognizes that you have a copied serial on the memory. First launch the installation, then TYPE IN the serial. DON’T COPY AND PASTE.

    that’s it.

    have fun.

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