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Character and Scene Development in ZBrush
An in-depth guide to sculpting, texturing, and rendering final compositions.

Create polished characters and more appealing scenes.
Work creatively using a step-by-step approach to character and scene development in ZBrush and a time-saving workflow to character interaction,
sculpting, texturing, composition, lighting, and rendering. Contains nearly 6 hours of self-paced training for artists using ZBrush and Maya.

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Simply Maya – Ball throw animation


The ball pick up and throw is intended to help break new Maya users into the world of keyframe animation.
You will learn how to set up your character in a starting pose then work your way through key framing individual
joints to start making the model move in the desired way.
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Autodesk? 3ds Max? CAT software is a character animation plug-in for Autodesk? 3ds Max? and Autodesk? 3ds Max? Design software. CAT is designed by animators, for animators to take the tedious technicalities out of 3D character animation. Its complete toolset enables easy character rigging, non-linear animation, animation layering, motion capture import, muscle simulation, and more. CAT is fast, stable, simple, and packed with cutting-edge features that give artists an easier way to animate characters in 3ds Max. Continue Reading