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ED209 Game Development Masterclass for 3ds Max, Photoshop and UT3 |Rapidshare|Megaupload (4 DVD)



Scaffold Mesh Building – creating a surrounding approximation mesh that allows us to make sure that everything is going to be built to scale and the right shape and that all the major shapes of the model will lie correctly whilst also allowing us to ascertain what the basic shapes that make the piece are.

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The Gnomon Workshop The Puppet Rig

In this DVD, character rigger Carlo Sansonetti demonstrates the rigging process from research to completion. Carlo covers creating the skeleton and rigging the spine, arms, hands, legs, head and neck. He discusses the core concepts of rigging, including joint orientation and understanding rotation order, as well as some more advanced techniques like stretchy limbs, forearm twist without volume loss, and connecting attributes with Hypershade. This DVD is for students who are new to rigging as well as for professional riggers who are looking for different approaches to rigging their characters

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Easily learn Python and begin utilizing the powerful capabilities with creative projects, practical examples, and a fun and easy approach to learning object-oriented programming. Ideal for artists interested in tool development, creating rapid applications, and adding efficiency to workflows. Contains over 3 hours of intuitive project-based training.

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