All posts for the day May 3rd, 2009

1. NVIDIA PhysX engine support for 3ds Max 2010..
2. New Custom properties rollout.
New Custom properties rollout allows you simultaneously set and change physical and fragmentation properties for objects.
Moreover, properties like Mass, Friction, Elasticity and Material are Interactive. It means that you can change these object’s properties while?simulation is On and get different results. With such ability You can quickly and easily tune up your simulation set up. Continue Reading

Digital-Tutors:Character Creation in ZBrush

Software: ZBrush 3.1 and up, Subtool Master (free plugin)
Run Time: 4 hrs. 10 min., 2 discs

Create characters fast. Learn a practical workflow to character creation in ZBrush and a time-saving approach to rapidly shaping detailed concepts from simple ideas. Contains 4 hours of project-based training and gives artists the freedom to work creatively and with more flexibility.

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