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Plugins Collection for Photoshop CS3-CS4 | 8.04 GB

Compilation of old and new plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS4, download all optional, we take all necessary.
At tablets can swear antivirus program, although no viruses in the release.

* AlienSkin;
* Aurelon PhotoPro Photo Tools and LensTools 3.0;
* AV Bros Puzzle Pro 3.0;
* Beauty Guide 1.2.1 Rus;
* BW Styler 1.03 for Adobe Photoshop;
* Colour Effex Pro 3.0;
* ContrastMaster 1.03 Retail for Adobe Photoshop;
* Digital Film Tools Ozone 2.5.7 for Adobe Photoshop;
* FocalBlade 1.06 for Adobe Photoshop;
* Icon Plugin for PhotoShop 2.1;
* Image Skill;
* Kodak Digital Professional;
* LightMachine 1.03 for Adobe Photoshop;
* LucisArt 3;
* MakeUp Guide 1.0.4;
* onOne Software;
* OptikVerve Labs Virtual Photographer 1.5.6;
* Outliner 2.0 by Image Skill Software;
* Photoshop Designers Pack;
* Topaz;
* Plugins ST;
* PhotoshopPLUGINs.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.0 Final

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 – the program for creation, editing, the publication and translation of video films. Allows to write the created material to disks and any peripherals. The given solution will allow to inspect completely creative process at all stages of operation. Includes Adobe OnLocation ? CS4 applications and Encore? CS4.

Boost productivity with batch encoding
Automate the process of creating multiple encoded versions of your source files and sequences by using Adobe Media Encoder, included with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. Set priorities and adjust advanced settings for individual files in your batch.

Discover more than 50 other ways to increase efficiency
Take advantage of more than 50 of the most requested editing enhancements to make your workflow more efficient. Apply effects to multiple selections, get timecode information faster, speed up work in the timeline with new keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Easily import projects from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Use Final Cut Pro XML interchange to transfer projects directly from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro without conversion or rerendering, preserving commonly used effects and transitions.

Skip the capture process with DV or HDV camera footage
Get the benefit of a tapeless workflow without a tapeless camera. With Adobe OnLocation? CS4, footage is automatically digitized and captured to disk as you shoot, eliminating hours of capturing.

Rough cut dialogue faster than ever
Find the right spot in your footage fast ? without tedious scrubbing. Instead, let Speech Search generate a transcript of recorded dialogue, and then quickly navigate to key words and phrases.

Move more quickly between Adobe Premiere Pro and Encore
Eliminate intermediate rendering when moving sequences into Adobe Encore? CS4. Adobe Dynamic Link enables sequences to open “live” in Encore, with any changes made in Adobe Premiere Pro automatically reflected.



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Simplymax – Machine Gun | 630 MB

Kurt takes us through the process of modeling a futuristic gun. He will start with image plane set-up and then dive into modeling using polygons and then converting to Sub-d’s to add more detail to the gun.

If your new to max then this is a great place to start. While creating this great looking gun you will cover many tools and usages of max.


Gnomon Training – 3D Character Design Volume 2: From Concept Model to Presentation Art

Gnomon Training – 3D Character Design Volume 2: From Concept Model to Presentation Art
Type: Training-Tutorials | Language: English |Quick Time (.mov) | Duration: 203 minutes | 1.75 GB | RS & HF Link

In this DVD, Scott Patton continues from 3D Character Design Volume 1 to show the processes he uses to create finished character designs for feature films. This DVD explores Patton\’s fast and efficient methods for creating a final color rendering using ZBrush? and Photoshop?. Patton shows how he squeezes the most from ZBrush?s powerful renderer, side-stepping the often complex renderers of standard 3D packages. In creating both a wide and close-up shot of the character, he shares creative Photoshop tips and tricks to quickly get to a finished piece of concept art from the ZBrush renders, covering topics such as adding and refining skin texture, hair, eyes, shadows and scars. Patton also discusses how to quickly create backgrounds that enhance the character and overall composition.
1. Getting Started
2. Basic ZBrush Painting
3. Photoshop Render Comp
4. Adding Texture
5. Shadows
6. Background
7. Finalizing the Wide Shot
8. The Close-up Shot
9. Eyes and Hair
10. Enhancing the Scars and Textures
11. Finishing Touches
12. Finalizing the Close-up

Gnomon Training – 3D Character Design Volume 2: From Concept Model to Presentation Art

Gnomon Training – 3D Character Design Volume 2: From Concept Model to Presentation Art

if u have any good animation Tutorials plzzzzzzzzzzzz post is onley the good one plz

Some more Photoshop tutorials on filefactory, uploading and rapidshare:

Gnomon Master Classes: Drawing From Design


Gnomon Master Classes: Traditional Art Values Applied to Digital Art with Craig Mullins

Kelbytraining: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Suite Integration
Kelbytraining: Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Beginners
Kelbytraining: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Power Session
Kelbytraining: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Selections and Masks
Kelbytraining: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Real World HDR
Lynda: Designing a Brochure Hands-On Workshop
Lynda: Designing a Logo Hands-On Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop – Modeling the Human Head

This DVD takes you through the artistic and technical process of sculpting a human head from a polygonal cube. In this DVD, Kevin Hudson shows why character modelers are moving away from Nurbs modeling and toward Polygon/Subdivision surface modeling, which allows more freedom to localize detail and work with texture. Follow along as Kevin considers and sculpts the various features of the face – nose, mouth, eyelids and ears – as he transforms this simple structure into something as complex as the human head.

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Adobe CS4 Production Premium Retail

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium software is a
must-have solution for creative professionals who need to craft
world-class video, audio, and interactive media on air,
online, on device, and invariably on deadline.

– After Effects CS4
– Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
– Photoshop CS4 Extended
– Flash CS4 Professional
– Illustrator CS4
– Soundbooth CS4
– Adobe OnLocation CS4
– Encore CS4
– Adobe Bridge CS4
– Adobe Device Central CS4
– Dynamic Link

Adobe CS4 Production Premium Retail
Windows All


1) unpack
2) burn / mount
3) install
4) crack dir



15 Gb

X-frog 3.5

X-frog 3.5 is a 3D procedural modeling and animation program that is extremely useful for designing organic shapes and animating them.

Download Links: