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10 comments on “Cinema 4D: Architecture and Mechanics

  1. Because the original DVD is in French. And I doubt this is a remake. Anyhow, would still be nice if anyone could confirm.

  2. I think it’s in french,since the original release bears the same filename.

  3. i can confirm have upped a sample file.
    french. damn. i dl’d almost 7GB for nuttn.


  4. Hi guys,
    Does anyone have keygen or crack for Cinema4D 11.5?
    I have a serial but the last update the serial was to blacklist and not working more.


  5. i don’t recommend updating to the latest version 530. but for whatever reasons you decide to then you need to get this patch by MUS3:

    instructions for this patch (credits goes to Aniki):
    solution with killed serials from last update
    1 You must have 11.528 installed
    2 Backup /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R11.5/resource/gui.cob
    3 Update to 11.530
    4 Replace /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R11.5/resource/gui.cob with backuped one

    so, first install cinema and get the serials working, be sure to paste properly and check the correct counter. only AFTER that, proceed with given procedure

    be warned that MoGraph and Broadcast Extension still won’t work with this patch if you upgrade to 530

  6. Thx a lot taken, your patch work with mograph, broadcast and 530 version.
    Cinema works fine again…

  7. @taken: can u upload to hotfile to.. or u can send me by email?? thx for u’r respons

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