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Multiple Spline Attach lets you place objects along a spline, with precise control over alignment, distribution and scaling. It also lets you bend the objects along the spline. Useful for everything from chains and caterpillar treads to DNA molecules and organic life-forms. All settings are animatable.



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Spline Patch provides users of C4D with a patch-modelling function. It adds to the list of C4D?s nurbs objects and works in a quite similar manner. Drag and drop three or four splines that surround the surface to be created in the spline patch object and choose the number of subdivisions. That?s it!

When the number of subdivisions is set, many programs proceed with generating a polygon mesh, which you can work on with certain tools. This method does not correspond to the non-modal style of Cinema 4D so we decided to conceive our plugin as an object generator. The benefit is obvious: you can change every parameter anytime, including shape and position of the splines!

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