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BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is an exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. In this chapter of the series Burke Roane focuses on two action oriented game cinematic shots. He discusses the different stages of animation and explains what is expected from animators in a production environment. He compares and contrasts different computer animation techniques, and shows how to reach a high level of refinement in your shots. From start to finish, Burke explains in great detail how to work in an organized and efficient way, but more importantly he talks about the creative process of animation and how that process guides his workflow.

Topic covered…
# Splined vs. Stepped Blocking
# Animation Stages
# Reference Footage
# Refining a Shot
# Animating in a Production Environment
# Facial Animation
# Tips for Animating Action Shots
# Efficient Workflows for Creativity


Renderman Pro Server 15.0 and Renderman Studio 2.0.2 for Windows x86_64

RenderMan Pro Server 15.0:
Pixar?s RenderMan? Pro Server is the same software that Pixar uses to render its own feature film animation. It?s a high performance renderer built to tackle the most complicated 3D imaginable … with production-hardened technology that is stable, reliable, and flexible. Pixar?s RenderMan? Pro Server delivers breathtaking results again and again.

RenderMan Studio 2.02
The Ultimate Rendering Suite
Shading, rendering, compositing, and renderfarm management in one package.
RenderMan Studio 2.0 is the latest version of Pixar’s advanced suite of tools for shading and lighting TDs. Highlights in version 2.0 include a series of significant performance enhancements, which should be immediately apparent on many scenes.

These are *uncracked* 64-bit installers on 64 bit platforms :
As we all know the first step to get liberated version is to make it available to the reverse engineering studs. This is that attempt and maybe a legendary cracker bumps into this and does the needful.

and the license server 6.1 is