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  1. crack doesnt work but i used su 7 s/n and authorization code from su 6 keygen and it works.

    • No crack needed brother, just copy the file over the original file then open su and choose help > License > Authorize

      a window will appear write anything inside it will disappear
      close su then reopen it …. see my pic I captured it from my pc and it shows up the program is licenced
      Best Regards

  2. rapidshare link:

  3. LOVE this one….It’s COOL soft.
    Anyone, Please.. …Crack the ENDORPHIN 2.7…..

  4. crack rar file is break!plizz upload only crack i cant open it(((

  5. Is HF blocked in some counties? why are people asking for RS mirrors when it doesn’t take long to dl from hotfiles. Educate me please.

    By the way, to everyone:
    please SPECIFY if your upload is PC, Mac or/and Linux!!!

  7. Thanks, SU pro 8 works, but it has a problem trying to “send file to LayOut”. Basically Layout and the other crash before getting anything. Even starting from the desktop shortcut, it still crashes right away. Any fix? Thx in advance!

  8. I need Mac version too, been trying download trial from google site and use Mesmerize’s keygen but it doesn’t accepted. It seems need mac-specific keygen.

    Please crack it.. please

  9. Its me again
    I notice that User of Sketchup 7 Pro can upgrade freely to version 8!
    SO, does anyone have SU Pro 7 Keygen for MACINTOY?

  10. yet another request for SU Pro mac – it would be really appreciated!

  11. Damn it I lose my patience!
    Where is Mac version you retarded crackers!

  12. http://hotfile.com/dl/68875527/fa6d85d/Google_Sketchup_Pro_8.th3scene.com.rar.html


    • is there a version that includes LayOut3??
      the link you posted only includes sketchUp…
      please i need it badly :S
      thanks in advance 🙂

      • Dude sorry!! the other 2 crack is only available as torrent, download it using uTorrent and “just” select the cracks since its dmg is mismatch

        • dear Mac-mageddon, the unix files for layout and style_builder are corrupt in the torrent you have suggested… is there any other option??!!

  13. i have problem with cracking sketchup 8 mac version. there is a file skethup (zipped in SK8). what am i to do with it? do i have to type serial number and activation code? please help.

  14. please, can anyone help me? i’ve installed sketchup 8 on mac and i can’t add license. how am i to do it?

  15. ^dude just unzip sk8.zip copy that, in your Sketchup.app (right click) > show content > Contents > MacOS > paste n overwrite

  16. I tried the crack in this one, it works!!! 😀 XD Google sketchup is just purely awesome !!!


  17. alguien podria darme el numero de autorizacion para sketch up 8? me urgeee sean buenos samaritanos

  18. Very good (muito bom)
    does someone have Vray for Sketchup 8 MAC?
    (Alguém tem Vray para Sketchup 8 MAC?)
    Obragado, Gracias

  19. i am on my mac, sketchup pro 8 works perfect, but doesnt let me use the layout… any serial or crack out there?

  20. the link no longer works. is there another way to get this? sounded like a dream…

  21. I don’t have the budget to buy Sketchup Pro yet. Anything I can do to get unlimited demo time on Layout 3? 🙁 I’m on a MAC air. It’s for personal use. I am wondering why it’s so hard to look for a cracked version on the MAC. it’s easy on Windows.

  22. could someone kindly drop a link of how i can get a Cracked Google sketchup 8 software to download?

  23. this is very frustrating… I downloaded the torrent file mentioned above and agree that’s it’s simply a free trial disguised as the pro… so i downloaded the zipped file mentioned above (thru hotfile)

    guess what? it’s STILL the bogus addition- one can NOT, I repeat NOT import dwg files which just tells me this is NOT the full pro version!

    WTF gives?! Why pretend this is something it’s not???

    I won’t even ask if anyone has a cracked version that ALLOWS dwg import since it seems the only one floating around is this fake version…

    • ok (heads head down low)… please ignore everything i just said. I’d forgotten to delete the previously installed version (the bogus one) but this one is not only legit, but it also has layout and style builder!!!

      THANKS dude! you made my day!


      • can you mail me? (layout & style builder file crack)
        thanks. snahashemi@gmail.com

  24. I have a Mac and downloaded: http://hotfile.com/dl/79462291/0be999d/Google_Sketchup_Pro_8_(Mac_OS_X_with_crack).zip.html
    from Mac-PC but it seems like I need further instructions…sorry for the retardation!

    After downloading the file from the hotfile site I have a folder open with the crack folder, How to Crack, the zip and the actual program. I unzip the file and now have two folders open, one with what i previously mentioned and now one with a sketch up exec folder, how to crack txt and the zip. What do I copy to what, I dont see a Sketch Up.app folder or icon? Please help

  25. i need layout & style builder crack for mac .i can’t download from torrent :((((

  26. here you are guys, no layout but working mac OSX sketchup 8 pro, just copy the zipped file as the guy above said to app folder


  27. hey guys, my SU pro 8 is cracked, but I desperately need the cracks for Layout 3 and style builder for Mac. Any solutions?


  28. i downloaded that link but that’s not pro that’s sketchup 8 , and can’t export for artlantis and ….:( you know where’s pro for mac?

  29. Tried everything, no luck with Skecthup Pro Mac 8 version. Appreciate new hack for latest version!

  30. Well I tried to replace the files in Sketchup from the hack, but in this latest version only one can be replaced others no longer exist!

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