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Quadspinner Sun Beams


Sunbeams capture the attention of everyone. Whether they appear thru menacing skies over the vast ocean or rolling prairies, or signal the descent of the sun through a dense forest. During those fleeting moments, Godrays often elicit a hush in the onlooker. The name alone speaks of the presence of a higher power.

In 3D, Godrays infuse the same impact into a scene, sometimes foreshadowing the hero’s drama and ultimate victory. However, achieving realistic results digitally can be tricky, as specific conditions are required.

QuadSpinner’s Dax Pandhi has received accolades for his development of dramatic Godrays with physically accurate world-scale. We are eager to share this collection of 4 scenes, each showcasing different moods created by this special atmosphere. We encourage you to treat these scenes as a set – the basic location upon which you, as Director, can build, create, expand.

With this collection, in addition to learning how to create Godrays without needing clouds, you receive:

* Intense yet soft Godrays, with varying coloration and times of day
* Optimal Godray atmospheres that you can take apart and study
* Proven Godray render settings that create smooth, noiseless shafts of light
* Aerial Perspective (AP) for accurate realism: in each scene AP is set to 1.00, using a scale of 1:1 for the atmosphere