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Martin takes you step by step on a modeling, texturing, lighting, and
rendering extravaganza. He shows, in great detail, how to model every
single piece of his Les Paul guitar. This is one of the most in-depth,
complete lessons that I have ever seen. Martin doesn’t miss a thing!
He goes completely through his texturing process to demonstrate this
“photorealistic” project. This tutorial has it all! Continue Reading

Quadspinner Battlefield


QuadSpinner sets the stage for the ultimate galactic combat, an all-out war that has been brewing in all corners of the star system. The Battlefield will see fierce fighting in a dramatic show of force by the benevolent empire and the insurgent rebels who believe their time for domination has come.

This outer planetary universe contains the planet, moon, and asteroid field of 4000+ individual asteroids.


Quadspinner Tropical Vale


QuadSpinner invites you into the depths of the steamy jungle, where life abounds yet few men tread … only the most primitive of tribes. This is the territory of primates, jaguar and other elusive predators, as well as multitudinous species of insects, reptiles, and birds. Their sounds and activities vibrate through the weight of the humidity. A reminder that no trespasser is alone.

This tropical scene features:

– Densely covered walls that plummet from a high ridge into a deep valley
– Distinctive new atmosphere, late morning/mid-day
– Special light fog MetaCloud material.
– An adaptable set to expand on or to use as a backdrop for a more extensive scene.
– Specifically composed to work with both vertical and horizontal frame sizes