All posts for the day March 11th, 2011


One of QuadSpinner’s latest innovations is ShimmerWind, an advanced technique that enables you to create lifelike water like never before. To get a feel, we invite you to dive in to ShimmerWind Lake, a scene that spotlights a lighter version of this unique water material.

This tranquil coniferous scene features:


  • QuadSpinner’s ShimmerWind MetaNode powered material*
  • Realistic highlights on water, even when the sun is not directly visible or reflected in the water
  • Sub-polygon anisotropy: get highlights with small glints without being limited by the geometry of the water
  • The ability to animate with wind direction – to capture gusts and currents in your image
  • Greater flexibility and control over your water surfaces
  • Access to underlying fractals via our convenient MetaNodes
  • Signature QuadSpinner atmosphere
  • Complete custom-designed scene
  • Technology based on hundreds of hours of experimentation


To get the most out of this and other aquatic scenes, check out our video training Waterscapes.




The QuadSpinner Foundry is excited to offer the premier Master Trinity Collection – Rocks X, Y and Z. Simply stated, a MUST HAVE! This cutting edge trio will inject your creations with layers of unique detail that Mother Nature herself would be proud of. These materials are so real in appearance and texture that you may forget you created them in 3D. Alone, each is formidable; when woven together, they are an unstoppable force.

All Master Trinity materials feature:
– streamlined MetaNodes: the core of our Fractal logic is packed inside a convenient, easy-to-understand MetaNode that allows you to edit the material with a few simple settings vs. laboring with complex fractals
– unique combinations of extremely intricate tiers of fractals that produce dramatic results – both in distant panoramas and macro. Texture you can almost touch.
– powerful presentations when used on HyperTerrains?
– dynamic combinability with QuadSpinner’s Mineral Infinity using Layers or Mixed Materials
– solid value: each item may be purchased separately or all together at even greater savings