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ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.9.0 | 527.22 MB
Shiva Advanced, the full complete version to create every kind of application.
Include a Team Development Manager, Performance reporter, Level Of Details Manager, Screenshots Generator, Material Batch processing and Advanced export options

ShiVa, a platform for 3D real time development, allows you to make games such as:
– First person shooter “FPS”
– Platform games.
– Adventure games.
– Massive online multiplayer role-play game “MMO”.
– Race simulation games.
– Shoot them up game.

But ShiVa also allows you to make serious games applications and 3D real time applications for professional use such as:
– Architecture.
– Engineering.
– Communication and marketing.

ShiVa integrates an up-to-date graphics engine, able to reproduce all the effects you need for your creations
in all styles, cartoon or ultra-realistic, as far as your imagination will take you.

Support of polygonal meshes, including :
– static meshes,
– dynamic meshes controlled by a skeleton (with up to 4 joints per vertex),
– importation of meshes from XSI, Maya, 3DSMax or Blender using the collada open standard (.dae)
– unlimited size and number of faces.

Simple and advanced materials support, including :
– Gouraud, Phong and Toon shadings (with outlining),
– bump texture maps,
– gloss texture maps,
– noise texture maps,
– animated textures,
– dynamic textures,
– dynamic procedural texture mapping coordinates generation (planar, spherical, perspective),
– texture mapping modifier (with or without animation).

Lights and Shadows:
Advanced lighting support, including :
– static lighting (per vertex or with lightmap),
– dynamic lighting (per vertex or per pixel),
– dynamic soft shadows (with self shadowing),
– unlimited number of lights.

Reflection and Refraction
Dynamically generated reflection and refraction textures, allowing to reproduce :
– water effects, simples and complexes,
– mirrors,
– ice…

3D Special Effects:
Dynamic particle system and motion trail support, allowing to simulate :
– explosions or splashes,
– fire, rain, snow or underwater air bubbles,
– tire tracks on the road, the sand or the snow,
– localised retinal persistence (fires of car the night, trail of sword…).

2D Post Render Effects:
Dynamic cumulative post render effects, including :
– light bloom,
– color levels and saturation,
– motion blur.

ShiVa integrates the dynamics engine ODE allowing you to simulate physical interactions between objects in an
impressive realistic way.

Collision meshes:
Support of the polygonal collision meshes, including :
– static or moving meshes,
– robust and optimized ray cast,
– no limit of size nor of number of faces.

Rigid bodies:
Realistic and robust simulation of rigid bodies :
– management of the physical parameters (form, mass, friction, rebound?),
– management of the linear and angular forces, the fields and the impulses,
– management of the collisions.

System of connection between several rigid bodies, including :
– simple joints (spring, hinge, slider…),
– complex joints (axle of car?),
– motor joints.

ShiVa integrates an advanced animation engine, configurable and workable in script which will give life to your objects.

Squeletal animation:
Hierarchical animation support, allowing to control skinned meshes :
– characters, animals,
– facial animations,
– unlimited number of joints.

Motion blending:
Advanced realtime animation mixing processing :
– allows to perform smooth transitions between animations,
– many playback modes available for each animation channels,
– up to 8 simultaneous animation channels per objet, with custom settings.

Skeleton synchronization:
Automatic synchronization system between many skeletons :
– one animated object can clone his animation on other objects,
– allows to reproduce an optimized crawl animation,
– allows to automatically stacking (for clothes or equipments).

Total control from the script:
Drive the animations and skeletons from the script, allowing to :
– mix in realtime your animations,
– know the position of every joint in world space,
– make a character look at the active camera.
ShiVa integrates an automatic follow up paths engine to facilitate the creation of autonomous movement behaviour.

Automatic pathfinding:
System of detection and automatic follow-up of way, allowing to :
– create autonomous moving objects easily,
– to find the shortest way between two points while avoiding the obstacles.

Script Full control from the script:

ShiVa integrates a scripting module based on an optimised version of the language LUA, allowing the control all the
engine functionalities and letting you do whatever you want to do.

Based on an optimized and simplified version of the language LUA, you will be able from script to :
– create complex behaviors,
– control all the parts of the engine with the hundreds of dedicated functions.

States Finite State Machines:
Native support of the finite-state machines, with for goal :
– to simplify the design of your AIs,
– to separate the various ?states? from your artificial behavior.

Optimized event manager, allowing to :
– make communicate the objects between them semantically,
– model the exchanges in the form of ?stimuli?.

ShiVa integrates an audio management engine capable of managing the punctual sounds as well as streaming
playback musics.

Ponctual sounds:
Ponctual sounds playback with realtime control, from the scripts, of gain or pitch.
3D localized sound support

Ambient musics:
Streaming of large music files, including :
– volume control,
– automatic crossfade between musics.

ShiVa integrates a video file management which allows you to provide high quality cinematics to your users.

ShiVa manages all types of peripherals such as keyboard, joypad which connect your applications and their users.

ShiVa can create multi-user applications on internet or within a local network.

ShiVa integrates a system dedicated to the management of user interface components to create dynamic,
intelligent and autonomous interfaces.

Native support of “head up display” components, including :
– common components (labels, buttons, editboxes, listboxes…),
– special components (video preview, webcam capture preview…),
– you can create your own controls.

Component animation system, allowing to :
– create effects of appearance or disappearance of components,
– create dynamic, intelligent and autonomous interfaces.

Cracking: Use Patch, and Activation Key 1234-1234-1234-1234-1234


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