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cmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 1 & 2 | .m4v | project files | 724Mb
cmiVFX launches its latest training for the SideFX Houdini premiere digital visual effects animation software package. Why build one kick ass VFX video when two is twice as nice! We have never been more fired up to release a training video in the history of this company.

Everything you wanted to know, delivered fast and furious through our ground breaking, ever evolving web based delivery player system. In these two videos, you?ll learn how to make production ready user friendly tools that will captivate your audience time and time again. Since Houdini is way more than just a 3D application, you will see it from a framework point of view. You`ll understand how you can solve any kind of situation you might encounter, using the tools in ways they were never dreamed to perform in that way. As a testament of the power and flexibility of Houdini, we?ll try to keep it simple and understandable by encapsulating some very interesting areas of Houdini. When you?re done with this set, you?ll have several tools to use, and have lots of ideas of how approach and develop your own tools. To call it Magic, is a true understatement. How can you put a guarantee on perfection?

Brief Introduction
Welcome to the highly anticipate “HIP Tricks” video set, created by CMIVFX and Varomix. A partnership like no other, this joint venture shows the true comradery that is a true CG pipeline. There is a reason that cmiVFX stands alone in the high end market?. IT’S NOT EASY TO DO! However true, we take pride in our sadistic need to provide the latest and greatest training in our industry so that digital entertainers can tell their story. We will work with ANYONE that has something fantastic to offer? wether it is a student half way around the world, or another training company that wants to work with us on a video title. We will always pull together with the right people to make the best training the world has to offer. Expect great things? ALWAYS!

A Hip Autopsy
In this first volume you will learn how to dissect any Houdini Hip scene, and figure out how that scene is put together. This is great for exploring sample scenes, other artists scenes to assist you in the creation of your own. We will also go over some tips to make your projects more solid and show you were you can get help from the great Houdini Artist Community.

Feather Tool
For this chapter set we will build a hero feather system used for close-up shots. This tool will give the artist total control using Houdini’s ramp widgets so that it makes for a great user experience. In the process we’ll learn how to map ramp parameters to control parameters of our tool.

Earthquake and Fischer Cracks.
In this section we will create a multi-purpose ground cracking tool, putting special attention on making it easily modifiable, and in realtime. The art of making it solid and getting predictable result, doesn’t mean that its simple. The final result is a very high end production ready tool that can be used in many scenarios. This chapter alone is work the price of the entire volume set.

Alvaro Castaneda
Alvaro Castaneda, best known as “Varomix” is a 33 years old CG Generalist TD. He lost a little of his self back in 1993 at a Jurassic Park screening, and that totally changed his life. Toy Story finished the job in 1995 – there was no turning back!. He started his way in 3D back in 1998, first using 3ds Max, then Cinema4D and finally in 1999, I met Maya 2.0. Since then I’ve done CGI for print, web, TV, Film, DVD, I guess anything that has pixels in it!. He started using Houdini in 2002 shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program. He had also done on-set VFX Supervision and DOP Assisting. He’ll soon move to Toronto to continue his career as a Houdini Generalist.

Project files are included

Hip Tricks Volume 2 has much to offer the future or current FX TD, in robust ways of showcasing inventive research and development technology. We go all out, showing you how to achieve new and interesting tools, so you can continue to create and wow the general public with your accomplishments. The content in this video is based on years of fulfilling user requests, and taking those requests to new levels. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice… cmiVFX!

Row Row Row Your Boat
Using Houdini Ocean Tools plug-in (HOT), we’ll create and ocean that emits foam and splashes. We then we’ll add a ship that floats on the ocean in which the movement of the ship will be driven by the ocean. Once we do that, we’ll use the floating, moving ship to deform the ocean as it advances and emits spray at collisions with the waves.

Pixelated Game
Believe it or not, we’ll will build a complete playable game inside Houdini, using out-of-the-box tools and a little bit of Python code. This project is a real statement that Houdini can do just about everything that you can throw at it. Don’t think of Houdini as a 3D app, think of it as a 3D Operating System.

Alvaro Castaneda
Alvaro Castaneda, best known as “Varomix” is a 33 years old CG Generalist TD. He lost a little of his self back in 1993 at a Jurassic Park screening, and that totally changed his life. Toy Story finished the job in 1995 – there was no turning back!. He started his way in 3D back in 1998, first using 3ds Max, then Cinema4D and finally in 1999, I met Maya 2.0. Since then I’ve done CGI for print, web, TV, Film, DVD, I guess anything that has pixels in it!. He started using Houdini in 2002 shortly after Side Effects launched the Houdini Apprentice Program. He had also done on-set VFX Supervision and DOP Assisting. He’ll soon move to Toronto to continue his career as a Houdini Generalist.

Project files are included




FLV | MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280×720 | Series 001 to 300 | 49.64 GB
Genre: eLearning

After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #01) 4.18 GB
01. Create a Breakup into Particles Logo Transition
02. Create an Illuminating ?Light Painting? Effect
03. Create a Stunning Website Demo Presentation
04. Design an Awesome 80?s Inspired Title Animation
05. Create an Ethereal Morphing Letter Canvas
06. Create a Mysterious Smoky Logo Reveal
07. Play with Fire to Create a Fiery Logo Transition
08. Learn how to Create Chromatic Aberration
09. Animate Type the Old School Way
10. Create a Dreamy Logo in the Clouds Animation
11. Create Your Own ?Private Ryan? Movie Shot – Day 1
12. Create Your Own ?Private Ryan? Movie Shot – Day 2
13. Create an Old TV Footage Effect
14. Create a ?Light-tastic? Logo Reveal Animation – Day 1
15. Create a ?Light-tastic? Logo Reveal Animation – Day 2
16. Create a Rhythmic ?Beat-shake? Effect
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #02) 3.94 GB
17. Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle – Day 1
18. Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle – Day 2
19. How to Track Live Video to a Postcard
20. Cinematic Opening Title Redux – Day 1
21. Cinematic Opening Title Redux – Day 2
22. Quick Effect: Create a Mac OS X Leopard-style Aura Effect
23. Create a Futuristic Floating Hologram Effect
24. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee – Day 1
25. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee – Day 2
26. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee – Day 3
27. Design a Breathtaking Body Shatter Effect
28. Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effects
29. How to Create Explosive Flower Fireworks
30. How to Create Glowing Elegant Lines
31. How to Create a Cinematic Opening Title
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #03) 4.56 GB
32. Create an Elegantly Handwritten Text Reveal
33. Create a Breathtakingly Awesome Rain Scene – Day 1
34. Create a Breathtakingly Awesome Rain Scene – Day 2
35. Create a Beautifully Animated Faux 3D Flower Scene
36. Create a ?Day After Tomorrow? Inspired Instant Freeze Effect
37. Simulate a Dramatic Underground Blast
38. Create a Historic Naval Battle Scene
39. After Effects for Beginners: Getting Started
40. After Effects for Beginners: Effects & Animation
41. After Effects for Beginners: Advanced Techniques
42. Create an Elegant Signature Written With a Whisp of Smoke
43. Quick Effect: Magnifying Track Matte
44. Create a Realistic Camera Move with Parallax
45. Create a Sound Reacting 3D Waveform Animation without 3rd Party Plugins
46. Create a ?Bullet Time? Logo Shatter Effect
47. Dunk Your Logo in a Wave World
48. Create a Stormy, Electric Type Reveal
49. Give Your Type Some Ball Action
50. Color Grade and Enhance a Horror Shot
51. Make Form Cinematic
52. Create a Geometric Color Explosion
53. Create a 3D DNA Strain
54. Learn How to Create a Light Rays Custom Effect from Scratch
55. Create Whispy Spirit-like Text
56. Create a Split-Flap Type Display
57. Create A Surprising Billowing Cloth Reveal
58. Create a Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence
59. Create an Underwater Scene
60. War! Or How to Create a 3D Particle Generated Video Display
61. Create an Elegant Concentric Rings Animation
62. Heads Up on Some Cool Graphic Type Techniques
63. Create a Burning Building VFX Shot
64. Create an Effect Inspired by the Bourne Ultimatum End Credits Sequence
65. Create a Radar Screen Logo Reveal
66. Learn How to Rig and Animate a Character and Create your Own Odyssey Day 1
67. Learn How to Rig and Animate a Character and Create your Own Odyssey Day 2
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #04) 4.41 GB
68. Create Procedurally Animated Rhythmic Dancing Marbles
69. Create a Leaf Growing Network TV ID
70. Create a Paper Tearing Logo Reveal
71. Create Fairly Realistic Fire using CC Particle World
72. Animate a Dancing Ice Cream Bar in Cinema 4D and After Effects
73. Create a Flare and Light Streak Text Reveal
74. Create the ?My Paper Mind? Effect
75. Creating a Tracked Head Wound
76. Create a Palmticular Tree
77. Create the JibJab Effect
78. Create a Peaceful Sunset
79. Mac OSX Wallpaper Creation ? With Invigorator Pro – Day 1
80. Mac OSX Wallpaper Creation ? With Invigorator Pro – Day 2
81. Create Mac OSX Intro Video with C4D ? Day 1
82. Create Mac OSX Intro Video with C4D ? Day 2
83. Create Harry Potter Titles
84. How to Create a Glitchy Interface Animation
85. Learn to Make a Custom 3D Wall Text Reveal
86. Integrating C4D into AE
87. Animate Your Logo Into Characters
88. Put Together a Realistic District 9 Composite
89. How to Make Paper People
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #05) 5.08 GB
090. 3D Paper Crumple with Freeform AE
091. The Best Sound You?ll Ever See!
092. Terminate Your Footage With Expressions ? Day 1
093. Terminate Your Footage With Expressions ? Day 2
094. Terminate Your Footage With Expressions Day 3
095. Form A Unique Transition
096. Living in Toytown
097. Making Your Color Scheme a Whole Lot Kuler!
098. Writing with Colored Sand
099. Map Your Destination in AE
100. Use Lights To Project Your Logo
101. Get Your Disco Groove On
102. Writing With The Clouds
103. Create A Comic Book Style Animation
104. Boharg II Breakdown
105. Shine Some Light On The Situation
106. Learn How to Create an Advanced Jumper Effect
107. Excellent Explosions and Extreme Extrusions in C4D
108. Create Your Own Custom Effects!
109. Add A Vignette With Ease ? Custom Effect
110. Distribute Your Layers in 3D ? Custom Effect
111. Countdown In Style with Clockworks ? Custom Effect
112. Fix Interlaced Footage With Deinterlacerator! ? Custom Effect
113. Become a Storm Chaser ? Day 1
114. Become a Storm Chaser ? Day 2
115. Drop Some 3D Into AE ? Day 1
116. Drop Some 3D Into AE ? Day 2
Bonus Tutorials
01. Lloyd Alvarez Teaches Particle Ballet ? AE Plus
02. Simulate a Realistic Sniper Scope Perspective ? AE Plus
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #06) 3.85 GB
117. Understanding Linear Workflow
118. A Delightful Swirl Of Audio
119. The Birth Of A Logo ? Day 1
120. The Birth Of A Logo ? Day 2
121. Basic Match Moving with PFhoe ? Day 1
122. Basic Match Moving with PFhoe ? Day 2
123. This Logo Will Self Destruct In 5 Seconds
124. Send A Happy 2010 New Year Card
125. Create A Glowing Red Hot Hand
126. Maya into After Effects Workflow
127. Create A Heart Monitor With Expressions
128. Learn How To Composite A Zombie-Like Tear Of Blood
129. Create a Rockin? Automated Slideshow
130. Freeze Your Logo With A Snowy Transition
131. Photoshop 3D Into After Effects Workflow ? Day 1
132. Photoshop 3D Into After Effects Workflow ? Day 2
133. Basic Footage Coloring And Object Removal
134. Happy Valentines Day from AEtuts+!? we love you!
135. Get Blown Away With An Explosive Corridor Blast
136. Simulate A Glowing Neon Light Sign Of Your Logo
137. Grow A Grassy Field With Particular
138. How To Create A Surreal Outer Space Nebula
139. Use Color To Control Your Textures
140. Set Up A Night Club Rave Scene
141. Leap Into Hancock-Style Super Jump Effect
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #07) 4.49 GB
142. Double Stuffed Tracking Walkthrough
143. Give Your Video A Pencil Sketched Look
144. Generate a Dynamic Morphing Background Design with Sinedots
145. Get Brilliantly Better Balcony Backdrops
146. Track Your Golf Swing Form Like A Master
147. Create A Beach Themed ?Water Writing? Look
148. Generate Your Own Splendid Spirographical Designs
149. Use Color To Control Your Textures ? Part 2
150. Discover How To Recreate the Sherlock Holmes End Credits Effect
151. Welcome CS5! An Intro To The New ?Roto Brush?
152. Animate An Underground Map Without Keyframes In Motion 4
153. Create A Realistic Glass Reflection
154. Make A Stop At An Old Deserted Motel
155. Give Your Title A ?Gamer? Like Glitch
156. Workflow In Zaxwerks ProAnimator Part 1
157. Workflow In Zaxwerks ProAnimator Part 2
158. Create A Techie Math Animation
159. Soak Your Logo With CC Glass
160. Build Some Sturdy Steel Structures ? Day 1
161. Build Some Sturdy Steel Structures ? Day 2
162. Audio Reactant Time Remapping
163. Recreate The Matrix Chopper Scene
164. Composite A Live Action Jet Flyby ? AE Part
165. Enter A 3D Samurai Chamber ? Day 1
166. Enter A 3D Samurai Chamber ? Day 2
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #08) 4.16 GB
167. Realistic Fog Without 3rd Party Plug-ins
168. Turn Out Something New By Rotating Boxes
169. Simulate An Advanced Muzzle Flash
170. How To Keep Your Color Presets
171. Chomp Out Your Own Pac Man Animation ? Part 1
172. Chomp Out Your Own Pac Man Animation ? Part 2
173. Create A Growing Text Animation ? Quick Tip
174. Put Out Realistic Candle Smoke
175. Interlaced Footage Demystified
176. Dive Into A HUD Diver Mask Animation ? Day 1
177. Dive Into A HUD Diver Mask Animation ? Day 2
178. Use A Jello-Jiggly Expression ? Quick Tip
179. Extending Your Set With Cinema 4D
180. Fluidic Designs Using Particular
181. An Inside Look At OpenGL Within After Effects
182. Accessing ?Right To Left? Languages Within After Effects
183. Control A 3D Deck of Cards Like Magic
184. Move Forward Using A Multi-Limb Walk Cycle
185. Put Your Face Onto An Inanimate Object
186. Enter The Matrix Using Particular 2
187. Formatting Your Videos for Triplewide Display
188. Quick Tip ? Importing Edit Sequences Into AE
189. Put Together a Slick Mustang Assembly
190. Program A Fallout 3 ?Pipboy? Touch Screen ? Day 1
191. Program A Fallout 3 ?Pipboy? Touch Screen ? Day 2
192. Focus On Making A Simulated Microscope Field of View
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #09) 5.78 GB
193. Ignite A Sizzlin? Hot Fire Burst
194. 5 Basic Ways To Populate Mass Groups Within After Effects
195. Create A Gas Giant Planet Scene In After Effects
196. Connect Your Scale Relative To The Camera?s Position
197. Convert Your Animations For Stereoscopic Viewing
198. Intro To Combustion For The After Effects User – Part 1
199. Overview Of The Foundry?s New ?CameraTracker? Plug-in ? Part 1
200. The Foundry?s CameraTracker Giveaway!
201. Use Music To Create A Particle Splash
202. Quick Tip ? Getting The Best Out Of Twixtor
203. Intro To Fusion For The After Effects User ? AE Basix
204. Free 3D Matchmoving Alternative For After Effects
205. Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE ? Expressions Day 1
206. The Projector ? Old School Movie Intro Walkthrough
207. Play An Intense Game Of Human Pong
208. How To Make Blinding Paparazzi Flashes
209. Animating Text Along A Path In After Effects ? AE Basix
210. Make Your Own Smooth 3D Outlined Text Using Particles
211. Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE ? Expressions Day 2
212. Quick Tip ? Loop Your Textures For A More Dynamic Background
213. Rewind Your Animation Like An Old VHS Tape
214. A Handy Hassle-Free Stop Motion Look
215. Quick Tips ? Classy Lookin? Layer Styles In AE
216. Recreate Your Own ?Tron? Title Opener ? CG Part
217. Stay On Pulse Creating A Shape-Driven Electrocardiogram
218. Quick Tip ? Shoot Your Own Stereoscopic Footage
219. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys ? Interface Overview
220. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys ? Putting It To Work
221. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys ? A Celebration Of Color
222. Splice Together A Quick Filmstrip Animation
223. Work On Developing Your Running ?Form?
224. Show Picasso What You?re Made Of With Soundkeys
225. Adding Elements To Your Film Footage ? AE Basix
226. Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE ? Javascript Part 1
227. Shake It Up With An Expression Earth Quake
228. Put Out An Eerie Blood Dripping Logo
229. Make Some NOISE! Jumbotron Noise Meter ? Day 1
230. Make Some NOISE! Jumbotron Noise Meter ? Day 2
231. How To Create Never Ending Z-Depth In AE
232. 60 Wings Flaps At 60 Frames Per Second
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #10) 4.3 GB
233. Jump Into An Animated Freeze Frame Sequence
234. Capture The Moment With A Bullet Time Muzzle Flash
235. Line Up A 3D Smiley Toy Packshot Display
236. The Wonderful World Of Shapes In After Effects
237. Introduction To Writing Scripts Day 4 ? Photo Wall
238. Track A Massive Planet Into Your Shot
239. Quick Tip ? Using Animators To Get Cartoony Boingy Text
240. Engage In A Harry Potter ?Priori Incantatem? Duel ? Day 1
241. Engage In A Harry Potter ?Priori Incantatem? Duel ? Day 2
242. Engage In A Harry Potter ?Priori Incantatem? Duel ? Day 3
243. How to Create Explosive Flower Fireworks
244. Form An Attrative Energy Ball
255. Unfold A Magical Pop Up Book Simulation ? Day 1
256. Unfold A Magical Pop Up Book Simulation ? Day 2
257. Pucker Up With A ?Rocky Horror? Lips Rig
258. Rotoscoping Depth Mattes With CameraTracker
259. Enough Lower Thirds To Feed A Small Country
260. Create an Ethereal Morphing Letter Canvas
251. Dealing With Spontaneous Particle Combustion
252. Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series ? Prince of Persia
253. Grow From Young To Old In 2.5 Seconds
254. Rewind Time With An Old VHS Tape Style
255. QuickTip ? Fast And Easy Text Writing With Particular
256. Switch On This Casino Style Text Effect Tonight
After Effects Tutorials By AETUTSPLUS (volume #11) 4.11 GB
257. How to Track Live Video to a Postcard
258. Intro To Fusion For The After Effects User Part 2
259. Tracking A Futuristic High Tech Floating Interface ? Day 1
260. Tracking A Futuristic High Tech Floating Interface ? Day 2
261. Send A Happy 2011 New Year Card
262. Money Makes The Word Go Round
263. Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series ? Inception v1
264. Quick Tip ? ?Change the Channel? Mocha for AE Case Study
265. Invent Your Own Custom Logo Transformation Template
266. Get Tangled Up In Twisted Wire Text
267. Create a Mysterious Smokey Logo Reveal
268. Creating Additional Graphical Interface Elements
269. Fallout 3 V.A.T.S Shot ? Day 1 of 3
270. Fallout 3 V.A.T.S Shot ? Day 2 of 3
271. Fallout 3 V.A.T.S Shot ? Day 3 of 3
272. All Rotoscoping Wants Is A Little Stability
273. A Beautiful Ripple Using Form?s Audio React
274. Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series ? Inception v2
275. Design an Awesome 80`s Inspired Title Animation
276. Quick Tip ? Create The Vintage Old Photo Look
277. Polishing Treatment To Save For After Effects
278. Burst Through the Earth?s Surface In Style
279. Don?t Get Stranded In Wicked Heat Wave
280. Dave Scotland?s 5 Handy Workflow Tips
281. Let Your Logo Bleed Through Like An Ink Spill
282. Endlessly Zoom Into Your Own Droste Effect
283. Put Out A Flamethrower Lookin? Fire Using Particular
284. Link Sound To Animation For A Unique Result
285. Stylize A Simple 3D Odometer In A Few Minutes
286. Aetuts+ Hollywood Movie Title Series ? 300
287. Enhance Your Workflow KeyED Up, A Shortcut Editor
288. Introduction To Pixel Bender For After Effects
299. Convert Regular Footage To Stereoscopic 3D
300. Paper Cut-Out Stop Motion Animation Effect

(volume #01) 4.18 GB
(volume #02) 3.94 GB
(volume #03) 4.56 GB
(volume #04) 4.41 GB
(volume #05) 5.08 GB
(volume #06) 3.85 GB
(volume #07) 4.49 GB
(volume #08) 4.16 GB
(volume #09) 5.78 GB
(volume #10) 4.3 GB
(volume #11) 4.11 GB


(volume #01)
(volume #02)
(volume #03)
(volume #04)
(volume #05)
(volume #06)
(volume #07)
(volume #08)
(volume #09)
(volume #10)
(volume #11)


UV Mapping 101 Maya UV Techniques with_KevinHuds0n | 908 MB
In this DVD, Kevin guides the beginning modeler through the concepts and complexities of the UV layout process in Maya. It is essential that UVs are laid out properly so that 3D models can smoothly proceed into the texturing process.
Starting with the fundamentals, Kevin prepares the viewer to take on a project as complicated as laying out the UVs for a house. He covers editing the UVs in the UV Layout Window, projecting and editing on a stretched cube, cylindrical and spherical projections, and the principal of using “material splits” as a means of organizing different parts of a model. Intended as an introduction to production UV layout techniques, Kevin’s many years of expertise inform this clear and precise lecture.

* Planar Projections
* Automatic Projections
* Proper Size Ratios
* Layout UVs
* Cut. Move and Sew
* Material Splits
* Cylindrical Projections
* UV Organization

1. Introduction and History
2. Basic UV Editing
3. Planar Projections
4. The Cake Plate
5. Pipes
6. UVing a House
7. Conclusion


Video Tutorials for Cinema 4D from Monkey | 451 Mb
Video of pure knowledge about how to use the knuckles, hierarchy, and Xpresso to build natural structures that are components for the spirals, curls.

1. Video ?Joint Chains, Spiral Growth, Iterative Hierarchies, _ the Golden Section.mp4? ? the first lesson of the joints ? a spiral. (1280?800) 45:09
2. Video ?Spiral Growth Part 2.mp4? ? the second lesson. (1280?800) 30:06
3. Video ?FlowerBomb ID.mp4? ? an example of using 1 and 2 lessons. (1280 ? 720) 00:33
4. Video ?Joint Chain Examples.mp4? ? render with the settings ?Hardware? (640 ? 360) 00:28
5. Video ?Ecko Artifaks Interview With The Monkey | greyscalegorilla? ? lecture-training with the gorilla (640 ? 288) 41:51
Plus a finished design animated flower.
Presets spiral joint Xpresso
Video codec: H.264
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280?800 15 fps 457 kb / s
Audio: AAC 44Hz


English | 4hrs:10mins | 720×576 | Flv | 24fps | 940MB
Genre: eLearning | Graphics | 3D
This is the greatest chance to watch and learn the entire process to make cinematic character In Mudbox and final render in 3ds max.
You will learn: Started with the basic body model in Mudbox. Retopologize, Re-UV and displacement sculpt. Re-sculpting, texturing and add final detail.



Digital Sculpting and Anatomy

Human Anatomy: Female
This tutorial goes through the creation of a female character. Zack starts with a low resolution box mesh, adds gesture and rhythm to the character and then takes the design through to final detailing. The lesson takes place in ZBrush 3.0 showcasing a unique approach to developing surface, reading three dimensional form, and establishing relationships between muscle groups.

The Making of Rambouillet
Starting from a low resolution box mesh, Zack begins to flesh out the design sculpt of Rambouillet, a character from “Attaboy” – his sculpted novel series. Stressing rhythm, proportion and gesture, Zack works through a variety of options to find which one best accentuates the character’s personality. Zack also addresses underlying forms and foundation techniques for developing secondary skin fold details.

The Form of Anatomy Series
Join _ZackPetroc for an advanced anatomy lecture that illustrates how each major muscle group contributes to the overall rhythm and gesture of the figure. He also outlines techniques for reading the form through silhouette and highlights the origin and insertion points of all the major muscle groups; a key element in mastering anatomy.

Digital Sculpting: The Human Anatomy
In this DVD _ZackPetroc presents a modern approach to digital sculpting that includes technical discussions, and features in-depth techniques for adding life and realism to your characters. Using a Maya-to-ZBrush workflow, the viewer takes a step-by-step look at how underlying muscles and bone structure affect the true form of the human body. The Maya content highlights creating and preparing a low-resolution base mesh, and includes techniques that apply to other Poly modeling packages.

The central part of this demonstration takes place in ZBrush, with a comprehensive description of how to develop anatomy while adding weight, balance, and realism to your character. Finally, Zack showcases techniques for using the detailed ZBrush mesh to create an organized animatable mesh in Maya. This lecture is intended for all students and professionals who wish to strengthen their character work through furthering their knowledge of human anatomy.

Modeling and Texturing Old Ruins – modo and Photoshop 2011
English | MP4 | H264 1280×720 387 Kbps | AAC 93 Kbps | 2.86Gb
Genre : Video training

01. Introduction, Planning and References
02. Edge Steps – UVs
03. Edge Steps – Textures
04. Temple Walls
05. Temple Walls – UVs
06. Temple Walls – Textures
07. Columns & Entrances
08. Columns & Entrances – UVs
09. Columns & Entrances – Textures
10. Tiled Roof & Carving
11. Tiled Roof & Carving – UVs
12. Tiled Roof & Carving – Textures
13. Temple Blocks Level 1
14. Level 1 Textures, Floor & Grime
15. Level 2 Blocks
16. Level 2 Blocks & Textures
17. Top Level Blocks & Textures
18. Paving & Rubble
19. Final Texturing

Download :