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Quadspinner ShimmerWind Banks

This QuadSpinner scene takes you to the river’s edge in a lush pine forest. ShimmerWind Banks is so pristine, you can hear nature’s heartbeat and the river’s gentle song. The combination of different terrains and distant mountains adds the beauty and depth that inspire a sense of wonder and bliss.

ShimmerWind Banks showcases:

  • ShimmerWind Lite, a scaled down version of ShimmerWind
  • The new water material, redesigned for small streams rather than open water bodies, still captures realistic highlights on and underneath the surface
  • Ease of use, getting broad results with just 3 simple controls – the MetaNode does the rest for you
  • Faster render times
  • Fresh spring atmosphere that makes this verdant setting pop
  • Complex multi-layer EcoSystems with fractal-controlled grass, weeds, and rocks
  • Fractal-powered EcoSystems change colors in a natural manner
  • Dynamic EcoSystems enable renders of this scene on less powerful machines
  • Expandable environment to easily add your own unique touches
  • Technologies based on hundreds of hours of experimentation


Quadspinner Geoaffinity

The QuadSpinner Foundry has produced another collection of texture-rich, earthen materials. GeoAffinity, the next generation of the popular Mineral Infinity, will anchor your scenes with superb mineral coloration and elaborate infinite detail. These materials are highly versatile as well, allowing you to easily adjust them to support your image. Ideal for HyperTerrains, canyons, cliffs, and other-worldly terrains.

GeoAffinity integrates even more:

  • Signature QuadSpinner MetaNodes for effortless manipulation
  • Unique colors that can be modified with the Tincture MetaNode*
  • The opportunity to mix two or more materials, as a Mixed Material or Layers, for even broader possibilities.
  • A new addition to QuadSpinner’s soon-to-be-released Material Development Kit (MDK)



Over the past Six months I have Managed to track down all the remaining xfrog libraries along with updating the already released libraries with better textures and better quality models
Each library comes with billboards and perspectives also perfect for game engines and large forests.
so without further ado I bring to you the Complete range of 30 Xfrog Libraries along with tutorials and Software, The first time this has ever been released.