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Right here contains Every Quadspinner Tutorials Released to date including the latest hyperworld tutorial

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?Capturing the Brilliance of Light? is a must-have tutorial. Presenter Dax Pandhi has mastered the technical combinations to create even the most subtle of atmospheres. He continues to probe and challenge Vue?s sophistication to deliver results that can quite literally take your breath away.

This easy-to-follow, concise training video will give you a tangible edge in your work – not only through your compositions, but also in your confidence.

http://www.url-dead/file/922170904/Capturing the Brilliance of Light.CGP.rar the Brilliance of Light.CGP.rar

This easy-to-learn tutorial will show skeptics that you can create stunning terrains in Vue. The spotlight is on the ?Terrain Fractal? as introduced in Vue 7. Presenter Dax Pandhi, a recognized Vue master and passionate digital artist, shares some of his favorite methods to create outrageously realistic terrain elements. Dax?s approachable style is easy to follow and will boost your confidence in the technology.

http://www.url-dead/file/922170694/Realistic Procedural Terrains.CGP.rar Procedural Terrains.CGP.rar

One of the most challenging feats in digital nature is producing water that looks real: the movement of wind on water, changing reflections, utter stillness, the opacity or transparency of water, and the way water interacts with the shore, jutting rocks and floating matter.

Dive into these intricacies with Vue expert Dax Pandhi. You’ll be thankful you did. You might even attempt marine scenes that you previously shied away from.


One of the most restrictive aspects of 3D terrains has been their confinement to up-down topography. This critical void in digital nature has been filled by Vue master Dax Pandhi. From over 7000 hours (someones telling lies) of trials in his laboratory, Dax has formulated the fractal modeling technique that produces HyperTerrains.

http://www.url-dead/file/922170844/HyperTerrain Vol 1.CGP.rar

Due to popular demand, Dax Pandhi is presenting another tutorial on QuadSpinner’s Mighty HyperTerrains – this time focused on advanced applications. We covered the basics in Vol. 1, and now, you’ll be able to master more complex structures such as realistic arches and crystal formations. You’ll also witness first-hand that HyperTerrains can have angular hard lines, dispelling the myth that their surfaces are exclusively round and bulbous.

http://www.url-dead/file/922178474/HyperTerrains Vol 2.CGP.rar Vol 2.CGP.rar

In this video, presented by Dax Pandhi, you will:

  • Learn how to merge the sophistication of Vue and World Machine.
  • Create authentic natural erosion in World Machine for Vue?s Procedural Terrains.
  • Produce stratified terrains by employing the mutually exclusive features of Vue and World Machine.
  • Maximize the power of Vue’s terrain fractals and stratification when combined with World Machine’s super detailed erosion process which includes erosion-oriented natural distribution of materials.
  • Tip the scales with Vue’s Strata Tilting for superior erosion.

http://www.url-dead/file/922164604/Messa Mastery Erosion.CGP.rar Mastery Erosion.CGP.rar

A key ingredient to creating authentic terrains in 3D is the presence of strata. Our magnificent planet is covered with contiguous layers of rock, soil, sand, lava and other materials, laid down by natural forces over time. A richly painted canvas of color and texture, these formations add depth and exquisite beauty to our terrestrial landscape.

http://www.url-dead/file/922178604/Messa Mastery Erosion strata.CGP.rar Mastery Erosion strata.CGP.rar

  • Become familiar with creating advanced materials in the Function Editor.
  • See how the Function Editor can be both easy to use and fun.
  • Learn how to use Fractals and MetaNodes to easily produce life-like, detailed materials.
  • Create a visually complex Generic Rock material.
  • Add a layer of snow to the Generic Rock and experiment with Fractals to control distribution.
  • Discover ways to enhance the realism and richness of existing materials.
  • Explore the basics of making materials such as QuadSpinner’s critically acclaimed Mineral Infinity.
  • Benefit from the bounty of hundreds of hours of experimentation in only 30 mins of intensive training
  • Materials made in the tutorial are included.
  • Video presented in full HD quality.

http://www.url-dead/file/922151824/QS – Materials (Vol 1).rar – Materials (Vol 1).rar

  • Learn how to re-create the lush beauty inside the forest, such as
  • delicate decaying trunks covered in vibrant moss.
  • Delve deeper into the power of fractals to produce real bark textures.
  • Create authentic dead tree trunks with Fractal Displacement.
  • Enhance existing Vue trees with your own unique materials.
  • Continue to expand your knowledge of the Function Editor.
  • Learn how to fine-tune materials and Displacement for better shapes.
  • Easily blend fractals for greater control over the form of Displacement.
  • Design realistic velvety moss with micro EcoSystems.
  • Benefit from hundreds of hours of experimentation in this concise training
  • Files made in the tutorial are included.
  • Video presented in full HD quality.

http://www.url-dead/file/922158204/QS – Materials (Vol 2).rar – Materials (Vol 2).rar

QuadSpinner is offering you the chance to learn deeper aspects of creating scenes in Vue with renowned artist and trainer Dax Pandhi. This Master Class focuses on the Emerald EcoSystem because this visual subject is what people often avoid in Vue.


QuadSpinner is excited to release this training on HyperWorlds, an in-depth look at how tocreate dramatic rock using Hyper Textures and HyperBlobs. Pioneered by accomplished Vue master Dax Pandhi, these technologies – including HyperBlobs which were introduced in Vue 9- represent the cutting edge of digital nature.


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