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The complete Material Development Kit 1.0 includes Tincture, LightBender, Supernoi, CrackMaker, and RockBreaker.


QuadSpinner’s potent natural crack production MetaNodes will fracture the competition when it comes to material creation and HyperTerrain development. Nearly 80 different parameters merge together to define these breakthrough MetaNodes.

CrackMaker’s unique technology is the first of its kind to provide separate command over breaks and cracks. You choose the settings to make the cracks you want and the breaks you want. The middle detailing work is done for you. It’s like having your own assistant execute the details while you remain focused on the big picture. Imagine!

CrackMaker is the result of turning Supernoi inside out – making cracks from within. Think Supernoi re-appropriated for cracks.


? ?Supernoi’s reconfigured intelligence gives Fracturon the ability to create sparse and punctuating cracks.
? ?Unique surface coloration is made with several easy-to-use Color Maps and Noise , powered by an embedded version of Tincture.
? ?Allows meticulous control over cracks and breaks, as well as smooth surface areas.
? ?Provides explicit Crack output for further expansion.


? ?This Supernoi-powered engine generates a peeling or flaking effect that opens smooth areas between breaks and fissures – reminiscent of islets that have split away from land.
? ?Encapsulates all the features of Fracturon and more.
? ?Provides explicit Crack and Islet output for further expansion.


QuadSpinner’s arsenal of superior displacement MetaNodes dominates HyperTerrain creation and general displacement. RockBreaker showcases the pillars of geology with the Earth’s four most prevailing rock formations.

Beyond realistic shapes, we’ve taken great care to incorporate scalability. As in nature, this innovative technology enables like patterns to reproduce in accordance with the object’s features regardless of size. These nodes are so smart that you can do just about anything, and your output will still look real.

RockBreaker also lets you concentrate on your composite vision while the MetaNodes calculate and complete the infinite detail in between. You determine the major shapes; the MetaNodes will perform the rest. Yet throughout you maintain tight control over every core aspect of creation.

Consider the importance of rock. Rock gives us the primary record of most of the geologic history of the Earth. RockBreaker pays homage to that prominence. This technology will infuse your scenes with the Earth?s same magnitude, richness, and beauty.


? ?Outputs giant angular shapes made from immense boulders that were heat -fused over eons.
? ?Provides the perfect foundation upon which to build multiple displacement layers. You can even top it off with Supernoi.


? ?Creates realistic limestone wedges with organic collapses and tilt.
? ?Extreme horizontal displacement generates natural overhangs and crevices.


? ?Generates robust vertical sandstone slabs.
? ?Verticality formed when horizontal sheet rock folded with the Earth’s movement over time. This process is simulated using a special version of Supernoi.
? ?Realistic crystalline cracks and breakage hint at the origins of the existing rock shape.


? ?Produces a dramatic banded texture on mixed igneous and sandstone rock. The defining slant mirrors natural weathering and erosion.
? ?Captures the effects of heat and wind -blasted crack fusion, creating a beautifully smooth seam where the cracks meet.


QuadSpinner’s essential Voronoi-multiplication MetaNodes build realistic shapes out of iconic fractals for material, terrain, and HyperTerrain development. Field expeditions reveal that one of the most commonly occurring breakage patterns in nature is similar to Voronoi. We have taken that foundation and expanded it to give you outrageous realism and artistic control.


? ?This classic Displacement MetaNode excels at making cracked terrains and HyperTerrains.
? ?Captures one of the most esthetically pleasing shapes in nature, regardless of the object’s scale – whether a small pebble or a majestic mountain.
? ?Enables you to create massive dramatic mesas by combining Supernoi with Vue’s Strata Filter on Procedural Terrains.


? ?Large scale Supernoi Displacement with GeoSimulation for realistic terrain features, based on nature’s diversity of rock formations style=’color: #1F497D’>.
? ?Moves beyond the simple pattern of classic Supernoi , adding geological randomness.
? ?Comes with separate controls over the Supernoi and GeoSimulation fractals for optimum detail management style=’color: #1F497D’>.


? ?Emulates real world rock formations with its large scale Supernoi Displacement and huge crystal-based surface simulation.
? ?Compounds Supernoi’s multi-faceted shapes by exposing crystalline composition for hyper-realistic sculpts.
? ?Comes with separate controls over the Supernoi and Crystal Simulation fractals for optimum detail management.


QuadSpinner’s powerhouse system of color production MetaNodes conceives realistic natural tones and color patterns for material creation. Some of our most coveted materials were made using portions of Tincture: GeoAffinity, Mineral Infinity, and Arenite Warriors.

Tincture’s advanced features give you unbridled possibilities. You can more accurately concoct the colors you desire by independently managing gradient color maps and multi-colored noises. The Tincture MetaNodes can be plugged to and from any other node that would normally accept the default Color Map node. And, color modification sliders provide easy refinement of color maps and noises without having to change the original colors, letting you experiment without losing the original color intentions. Dare we say, your new BFF?


? ?The most basic Tincture MetaNode.
? ?Provides quick and enhanced quality operations on a color map – HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance), Brightness/Contrast, and Gain.
? ?Simple Color Blending can also be applied to the color map.


? ?Builds on top of Tincture’s Simple MetaNode by including multi-colored noise production.
? ?Gives you detailed control over the grain production without requiring you to perform complex tasks.


? ?Extends Tincture’s Noise MetaNode by adding grain patterns (based on numerous advanced Perlin-type fractals).
? ?Enables you to mix the grain pattern with built-in noise through a single slider to capture Mother Nature’s exquisite esthetic – both her randomness and her beauty.
? ?Empowers you with full control over grain production.


? ?Further expands Tincture’s Noise MetaNode by inserting a third layer of color production.
? ?Automatically creates, from just a single color that you choose, multiple shades in noise patterns and ensures these shades are as close to natural occurrence as possible.


QuadSpinner’s innovative invention of light illusion MetaNodes can be used to constrain color, reflections, and light to edge, slope, and altitude. The technology literally modifies coloration, reflection, and light according to the shape of an object, the camera angle, and the object’s slope and altitude.

In situations where Vue might block the sunlight – behind a tree, for instance – LightBender enables you to bend light in and around the tree trunk to add rim lighting. By doing so it creates that subtle yet undeniable glow that nature produces in places where it normally can’t be generated in Vue.

LightBender delivers excellent results on terrains, water surfaces, and underwater elements as well – not just on metals. And wait ’til you see what these sophisticated MetaNodes can do with textiles! It changes the value of the cloth when giving it a natural luster, sheen, and softness.


? ?Basic edge constraint with slope and altitude control.
? ?Pushes light to the center of the object, away from the edges.
? ?Parabolic style edge filtering allows multiple edges to be created visually.


? ?Filtered edge constraint with advanced slope and altitude control.
? ?Tailored for usage on terrains, water surfaces, and underwater elements.
? ?Works with the properties of light underwater. When you look at a submerged object, the curved edges have a lightness caused by micro refraction. The Beta MetaNode creates the illusion of that brightness without the actual refraction.
? ?Simplest avenue to incorporate LightBender for light, color, reflection, or luminance.
? ?Renders blazingly fast.


? ?Beta’s filtered edge constraint, augmented by edge smudging with Grainy Fractal.
? ?Enables you to regulate all aspects of the fractal that produces the smudging .
? ?Allows you the same slope and altitude control as the Alpha MetaNode.