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Digital Tutors | .flv | project files | 1.02Gb
In this collection of lessons we will learn about a wide variety of animation techniques that are designed to improve your animation skill-set.

In this course we will build an animation of a character climbing over a wall from scratch, using techniques that can be implemented in any animation. Step by step, we’ll create this climb while covering various techniques like: how to block in your extremes so that finalizing the animation becomes a faster process, strengthening poses to get a more entertaining outcome, and we’ll also learn how to work smarter by utilizing Animation Layers to tweak pre-existing animation non-destructively, so that by the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledgebase you need to create animations quickly and proficiently.

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Blocking in the First Extreme of the Climb
3. Blocking in the Second Extreme of the Animation
4. Posing the Action of the Character Scaling the Wall
5. Posing the Character Getting Ready to Leap Over the Wall
6. Animating the Character\’s Descent
7. Wrapping up the Extremes
8. Blocking in an In-between
9. Refining the Upper Body
10. Tweaking the Right Leg
11. Correcting the Left Leg
12. Finishing up the Left Leg / Fixing the Right Arm
13. Wrapping up Corrections on the Left Arm
14. Starting to Finalize the Animation
15. Completing the Animation

One file: http://www.url-dead/file/871498511/DT-EAinMaya2011ClimbingA_Wall.rar


Unwrella v2.13 For Maya 2012 32Bit & 64Bit
Unwrella is now available in version 2.11 for Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.

The Maya release adds features of the recent 3ds Max release to the Maya version and offers you optional automatic seam placements based on the mesh?s topology.

Changes in Unwrella 2.11 for Maya:
* Added support for Autodesk Maya 2011
* Added the option to place automatic seams at grooves in the mesh where they are better hidden.
* Added the option to place automatic seams at ridges in the mesh to provide clear cuts for hard surface models.
* Simplified user interface to make using the plug-in even more intuitive.
* Enhanced unwrap results for specific cases. This results in less fragmentation of coherent surfaces.

At the same time Unwrella for 3ds Max has been updated to version 2.11 including some corrections for unwraps with non-square aspect ratio.

Unwrella is compatible with:
* Maya 2011 32 bit
* Maya 2011 64 bit
* Maya 2010 32 bit
* Maya 2010 64 bit

* Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed
* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

http://www.url-dead/file/890915164/_Unwrella_v2.13_For_Maya_2012_32Bit_&_64Bit.rar 2012 32Bit & 64Bit.rar


Unwrella v2.13 For 3DsMax 2012 32Bit & 64Bit

Unwrella is an exact unwrapping plug-in for Autodesk 3Ds Max and Autodesk Maya. It is a single click solution which allows you to automatically unfold your 3D models with exact pixel to model surface aspect ratio, speeding up texture baking UV map production significantly.

Automatic one-click solution ? Just apply the Unwrella modifier
Precise ? Preserves user created UV Seams
Smart ? Reduces texture mapping seams almost completely and minimizes surface stretching
Efficient ? Chunks are kept large and are arranged on the UV surface with maximal use of available space
User-friendly ? User defined pixel based padding between UV chunks
Excellent for all kinds of models (organic, human, industrial)

Unwrella 2 is compatible with:
3D Studio MAX 2012 32 bit
3D Studio MAX 2012 64 bit
3D Studio MAX 2011 32 bit
3D Studio MAX 2011 64 bit
3D Studio MAX 2010 32 bit
3D Studio MAX 2010 64 bit

http://www.url-dead/file/890915154/_Unwrella_v2.13_For_3DsMax_2012_32Bit_&_64Bit.rar For 3DsMax 2012 32Bit & 64Bit.rar

The Face Machine v1.08 For Maya 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 32bit & 64Bit

The Face Machine is Anzovin Studio’s new auto-rigging tool for Maya, but instead of rigging bodies, it rigs faces! Like The Setup Machine, The Face Machine (or TFM) automatically installs a high-level facial setup and does intelligent point weighting.

TFM supports both box controls and direct controls that allow the animator to simply grab the face and deform it into the exact expression desired. Since it’s based on direct deformation, rather then a set of pre-defined blend shapes, TFM rigs can produce any expression you can imagine with unparalleled ease. The Face Machine makes rigging a face fast and easy.

http://www.url-dead/file/876000964/The Face Machine v1.08 For Maya 2012_ 11_10_09 32bit &


The Setup Machine Ver 2.11 For Maya 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 32Bit & 64Bit

The Setup Machine 2 enables Maya users to easily and quickly rig a wide variety of CG characters. With just a few clicks, TSM2 installs a high-quality skeleton and proxy, adds a control rig, and applies basic but accurate skin weighting to human, animal, and creature models, a task that normally takes days.

The rig TSM installs is designed for maximum flexibility and control, allowing you to contort and deform the rig in ways that are impossible with most rigs used outside of major feature animation studios. Powerful integrated tools like smart FK/IK switching and IK pop elimination make animating with a TSM rig easy and fun.

And because it builds its rig with standard Maya nodes, the resulting rigged character can be used in any copy of Maya. The Setup Machine is perfect for anyone who needs a great character rig fast.

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