21 comments on “CuriousTurtle.com Master Rotoscoping With SilhouetteFX

  1. Olleh!! You are a hero!!! I really have been waiting for Thanks!!!!

    • Have a look here:



    • It’s crossed my mind but did not really think about it till your comment lol, yeah, that was a SILLY mistake. Don’t key, spend hours instead, quite logical. . .

  2. thanks alot! but i cannot unrar, it say “CTMRWSFX.part3.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”, and part 4,5,6 are corruped.
    please reupload!

  3. incredible! all links dead!!! were brought down has 30 minutes ago 🙁

    please re-up

    Thanks much!

    • New links added.
      If the links were deleted again, send email to Egustus[at]live[dot]com to get private links.

  4. for me those ones worked: http://avaxhome.ws/ebooks/eLearning/curiousturtle_master_rotoscoping_with_silhouettefx.html

  5. please reupload with pass and split file and compress 1-2 times and rename other (filehost not detect and not delete)

    • it ask for a pasword and an user. can you please share it?
      thank you so much

      • nobody share a username and password you dickhead…stop fucking…guys like you are guarantedd mother fuckers…asshole..speaking of sharing our accounts…get out of here…

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