19 comments on “Creature Workshops Zbrush Dynamesh Demonstration Webinar

  1. Thanks a million for your efforts!
    Just watched this, but by Christ, how fucking infuriating! If I payed money, Jesus I’d be annoyed!

  2. id start banning these fagit ass leechers IP for coming here asking for torrents

    • Why? Banning as far as know is for uncivilized behavior. Asking for something (as absurd would that be) is not uncivilized. One expressing own opinion is not either a legal crime nor something that should be regarded as a moral one.
      The one that desires others be forcefully silenced, he himself will be forcefully silenced as he laid down or encouraged the precendent.

  3. Thanks for the upload, but am I missing something here?
    In the information it says “use of the new Dynamesh system” but there is no demonstration of dynamesh in the video! Only Zspeheres are used.
    Am I wrong?

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