36 comments on “Smith Micro Poser Pro 2012 & Poser 9 x32/64 Win/Mac Incl KeyGEN With Content Library

  1. whats the difference between this and the one lower down? Other than 5GB

    • Well, just try to look up “With Content Library” in you dictionary and you might get an enlightenment.

      • sarcasm only makes you look more stupid, both posts have the content library

    • riptdv . .
      The one lower down has been only included : Poser 2012 Pro with Content Library
      but this post i think includes 2 packages :
      1. Poser 2012 Pro with Content Library , visit :
      2. Poser 9 with Content Library , visit :
      sorry for my bad English !

  2. Is serial number for Poser 9 available, only numbers in download
    are for Poser Pro.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Has anyone got this to install on the mac? it will install the main app but not the content library – It should have been an iso in an ideal world

    • YesI had this problem too with PoserFusion, but if you try it again, it will work fine.

  4. how do i download the poser 2012. could anybody suggest a good link for the package, please

  5. The install crack does not work, even for Poser Pro 2012. It could be that it only works for the 32-bit version, which I did not install. Is there a verified working 64-bit crack?

  6. Poser fusion 2012 for 3ds MAX has a big BUG!
    the figures in the rendered frames (not preview) are motionless and no animation will be created although in preview everything is fine!!

    I get a window that says installer can’t locate the data it needs to install the software.
    Anybody else?
    I have downloaded 2 diff versions and get the same result on poser 9 and 2012.

    • It sounds like you might have only installed 1-2 files of 7. Depending on what OS your installing PP 2012, it is composed into 7-12 part files that you need to extract than run./

      I was able to install PP 2012 onto W7 32 bit, but did not complete the installation – because the key generator file was infected.

  8. Hmmm it seems the public folder at Fileserve contains nothing.
    My account there is useless…. :o(

  9. there is a keygen in the power archives,but may antivirus says it is an trojan virus. what must i do to install poser pro 2012?

  10. Prueba con estos para Poser Pro 2012


    • XP90CUL-6484-99SD-GHZ4-682V-WWN5 working.

      Ese serial funciona. El otro no.

    • wow !!
      It really works !
      Thank you
      thank you
      thank you VERY MUCH !!! 😀

  11. When I run the PoserPro2012.exe file, I get this error:
    “Poser Pro executable file has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    Please tell me what could be wrong! I have no idea and need to get te program up and running!
    Thank you in advance.

    • dont know if you got one already but here :

  12. Impossible to have serial number poser 9.
    Cause the Main Engine is Poser 9 Not Poser Pro 2012.
    That just my opinion..
    Cheers.. 😀

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