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24 comments on “Vray For XSI Beta 15114 2010-2012 x32/64 *CGP Edition*

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    • Crack don’t work for me
      It’s not only copy cracked file in the directory….


  1. How do you pass the license server? can not see vray in render settings?

  2. I cannot get it to work, any luck? Here are the steps that was followed:

    1-Install licence server
    2-Start SI as Admin
    3-Install Plugin
    4-Copy crack to the desired folder

  3. I made the same steps as you, but no success :(
    what am I missing?!?

  4. Just uninstall the package and install again but this time only copy the cgauth.dll not the other one.

  5. Installed properly ! Now,a tutorial -how to use it would be very interesting xD

  6. Anyone can post the steps to install it?
    I can’t figure how to get it to work

  7. As I said before:

    1-Install licence server (I don’t think this step is necessary)
    2-Start SI as Admin
    3-Install Plugin
    4-Only replace the cgauth.dll

  8. A thing to mention is to replace the cgauth.dll in the addon folder in your user/name/autodesk/softimage_2012/addons/v_ray/application/plugins/

    Anyone got some material on how to use it? Any of kind of all? I’ve got it working, but no idea how to work it. Still see faceted sides when I increase subdivisions (+). Mentalray shows smooth sides.. How does it work?

  9. What about the official vray version (not beta) for softimage?

    Any help available?

    • Hello

      Has somebody the new vray for softimage? not the beta!

      would be awesome

    • Yes please somebody… im searching, and searching.. Nothing about the official release, that has been crackes.. So please somebody Crack it !!!

  10. Open the objects properties, switch subdivision type to linear, then back to catmul clark and it works.
    But i cant see there hdri environment

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