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  1. Tested it. Great plugin, but crashing while using activeshade… All the time…

    • Hi learner,
      may we know your system specs? it may help explain if it’s hardware or software related. Thanks

  2. It works fine now i guess, when I installed newest drivers from nvidia.

    core i5 2500k
    asus gtx660Ti
    12GB RAM…

  3. doesn’t work for me on 3ds max 2013 and 2012. But maybe im missing something?

    Installs fine, registers fine, in fact, everything works fine – when i hit render (on activeshade aswell) it just shows a black frame buffer. It says its rendering, i can see the time elapsed and the number of passes a second but nothing shows up.

    There are objects to render. Quite confuzzled by this

      • There isn’t any emiting material. How do you do it then ? I tried standard and tweaking the illumination slot but it’s still black.

        • make an RC live material (you find it under standard materials)then click “add emitter”.

  4. hey guyz thanks for the plugin but can i use this plugin with vray materials??!!

  5. Black Render frame window… If anybody finds a solution, please share.

    • “Black Render frame window? If anybody finds a solution, please share.”

      The solution seems to be to use 3dsmax 2012, not 2013.

  6. http://www.facebook.com/Phootobrasil?sk=app_307371382695281&app_data=eyJkYXRhIjp7InBpY3R1cmUiOiJodHRwOi8vZ3JhcGguZmFjZWJvb2suY29tLzI1NTIyNTAyMTE5NTAxMC9waWN0dXJlP3R5cGU9bGFyZ2UiLCJwaG90b0lkIjozODY2Mn0sImlkIjoxMTg5Nn0%3D

  7. Well, I get the black render in both 2012 and 2013. And I’ve added lights, both normal and photometric. And I’ve tried both Standard shader and RC LIVE Material, not a single working combination. Waiting for a solution if anyone has it / finds it.

    • you need to add a material and set it as emmiter, assing that material to an object that will act as a light source…

  8. Buggy, unstable and annoying release. I mean the program itself, not the crack.

  9. I heard that You must put skylight on your scene:) Jeff Patton said that check on his website:) cheers

  10. arion 2.0 standalone please Amon-ra!!! this version is like the previous versions of plugins very unestable!!! its a headache. THanks for another awesome release xforce!!!:

    • someone say that you need to update you CUDA driver , because the cuda crash ,not this plugin

  11. great work xforce!!
    but it’s totally not working right now~render black frame and i think i have
    correct lighting setup…filled with frysun…still black render,but the render frame says that it still working ,say cpu&gpu=100%
    has anybody know how to deal with??

    • i got the same problem but after i made a search on youtube I found this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB-kYMkwbIM and it worked also by me now

  12. bytesbox says FILE NOT FOUND …. What happened to this ?
    Please fix it

  13. the link is dead. and i will try to upload again ,just for mirror, great xforce!!thank you!

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