14 comments on “aXYZ-design – an(i)ma Premium x32/x64 – Plugins

  1. Thanks, the Anima Standalone is great..
    The Plugin for 3Ds max 2012 x64 still display only for 50 frame then the model is gone.. please help, do the plugins need other crack?

  2. It says there is a trojan.graybird in the keygen? I know I know… false positives and so on, but virustotal has confirmed almost 20 poisitives – anyone else with an opinion?

  3. though…. it would be awesome to have this one – I hope its just a stupid miswarning and say big thanks to the one supporting this baby to the community!

  4. the “an(i)ma_1.1.3.1_Maya_Actor_Updater_Win64_CGP.rar” is more than 500 mb .. I can’t download it for free any other links or can you split it into two download at least..
    I will be very grateful …

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