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  1. can you please get this one…http://www.cinema4dtutorial.net/?p=1974….this one is EPIC!!

  2. That short film was straight up TERRIBLE. That having been said, the Iron Man suit looks pretty fantastic.

  3. Is this as bad as people say it is?
    I’m downloading anyways, just curious.


    • It’s C4D, if you want movie/game production programs then you use 3DMax/Maya/Mari/Zbrush/ etc…This program is weak and if you do manage to master it and want to work for a better studio, you’ll end up needing to learn 3DMax or Maya anyways…

    • yo isn’t completely right. The clip of the tutorial IS actually bad, but it’s not Cinema 4D’s fault. The problem is that apparently the guys at cinema4dtutorial.net aren’t as good with VFX. There are lots of movies that have an outstanding quality of VFX and were made with C4D: Tron: Legacy, Inception, Surrogates… I think this tut is definitely not worth the money, but since you are downloading it for free I suggest you take a look at the modelling part (which is actually pretty good), but as for the entire clip composition I suggest you take a look at Video Copilot’s After Effects tutorials, which are much better than this one here.

  4. Don?t blame cinema for the bad qualitiy of that movie…. Most of the “special effects” are done in after effects and they also look terrible!!

    A software is just as good as its user =)

  5. it’s horrible. Look at the video on official web site, it’s terrible. It’s worse than 90s animation.

  6. to santa – Horrible , ok . now I would like to see your work, …….
    i see …

    you do not know or even use paint !!!! ass hole

  7. Reference images are different from those used in the tutorial, yet great contribution :)

    las imagenes de referencia son diferentes a las utilizadas en el tutorial, aun as? gran aporte :)

  8. N?o consigo acessa minha senha, no Torrent e tamb?m j? tentei pedir a nova senha mais n?o chega nada no meu e-mail.
    Obrigado pela aten??o, e espero respostas.

  9. model is good although the short movie is not professional but still its good i would like to propose a toast to cinema4d cheers

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