14 comments on “Indigo Renderer v3.6.7 – Win64 – iND

  1. Would be awesome if someone can upload a torrent, my downloading from file hosts is sloooooow thanks in advance :)

    • Install crack, read the “readme.txt” for further instructions

  2. For me it works with win7 and 3ds Max 2013, but same problem with the watermark

  3. Regarding my previous posts for Maya, I finally got it working for Maya, simply download Indigo here, then goto their website and get the latest mti 3.6.5, then just follow the rest of the provided instruction in this release. Havent tested max version yet.

    Maya support seems to start fading away after having issues with moving pivots etc. check the forums, Skethup looks like its got solid support followed by Blender. Cheers :)

  4. Crack for 3ds max is not good… it Crashes on render, the regular dll works fine, but gives a watermark. Also IGS export from max doesn’t work, either doesn’t create the igs file, only makes the xlo,… or gives errors if igs is created and opened in indigo standalone, errors like unable to read xlm. weird.

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