19 comments on “Manga Studio V5.0.0 MACOSX – XFORCE

    • :<
      When will we get the win version?
      I really wanna try it and they don't even offer a trial version yet.

      • Well if XFORCE didn’t release it, then there is a reason behind it ;)

  1. Thanks anyway, until Win version comes I guess I’ll try running it on a virtual machine.

  2. Nice work Xforce… oh wait, you still haven’t finished zbrush 4r5. Guess if ya can’t crack it, move on right?

    • Seems that you need to update your “un-cracked” database! Take a look at the following pages and then come back here to tell us if XFORCE didn’t manage to crack em ;)

    • Dude…You’re late Dude, they did it a while back, you’d better apologize to XForce!…Either that or man up that you’re a dumb ass.

  3. Any chance we can have this for windows too? Anyway, thanks in advanced for all the great releases.

    • Moron, a Mac is a computer which can run practically any OS out there, not requiring any virtualization or shenanigan.

  4. KZGfx & yadsale Patchfix for Win/Mac

    would not be necissary if Xforce released a truely working crack. A keygen that spits out a code that eventually fails partial key verification does not qualify as “cracked”.

  5. there is a win version MANGA STUDIO V5 0 0-XFORCE unfortunately … their partial kg fails miserably here too as the authentication code is too long to input into the kg, cannot activate properly…looking for alternative crack/kg

  6. Got the same Problem as Icognito.
    Haven?t put spaces between die authentication code but it?s to long to put into the Kg….
    can someone help?

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