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8 comments on “Rhinoceros 5 SR8 final version 40214.13495 x32/x64

  1. Rhino is a Neanderthal when it comes to surface modeling. Pretty much useless for design industry

    • Get Alias Industry standard you can crate Class A surfaces. Has advanced tools and interface specifically designed for surface based modeling. Its hard to learn but Its unmatched when it comes to surface modeling

    • Alias. far more advanced has different tools and interface can generate G3 surfaces. Unmatched by any cad when it comes to surface modeling

  2. Why do people make such ignorant comments.!? Rhino is very popular in design industry; industrial design, marine industry, architecture, and many many more.. In fact, these days it is more popular than ever, and the future looks bright for Rhino..! Probably Alias guys are not so fond of rhino, because it’s much easier, cheaper, robust and it works like a charm :) And believe me, you can create the most challenging surfaces in minutes IF you know how to use this great piece of software…

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