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?SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro


? Performance Improvements – Pro is even faster, taking advantage of today’s multi-core processors, Pro redraws, renders and converts your raws in less time.
? Dodging Tool – Lifting shadows and compressing highlights has never been easier. Just one slider does it all.
? Batch Queuing – Adding your raws to the new batch queue enables you to carry on editing while processing is done in the background.
? Tone Curve on Graph – You can now see effect of your tonal adjustments as a live curve on the tone histogram.
? Tone Curve Level Correction – Matching dynamic range of an image to the tonality of the output is now a simple adjustment away.
? Custom Workspaces – Export and import preferred workspaces to suit particular task orientated workflows.
? RGB Histogram – See individual RGB components within the tone histogram for greater edit control.
? Improved Highlight controller – Achieve better highlight recovery with the new improved algorithm.
? Neat Noise removal – A new slider function added to NR to help remove noise banding issues.
? Waternarking and Overlays – Add custom images and text as overlays to your web outputs or printed proofs – There’s no need to send your image to a 3rd party application to add a copyright logo.
? Edit History – Keep track of your edits and step back and forth between them.
? Printer Colour Management – Take control of your end to end workflow with custom ICC paper profiles to ensure professional colour matched printed output.
? One Click Selection – Organise your shoot faster with just a single click to sort by any image mark.
? Extensive camera support – offers the widest camera support on the market (over 200 models) and adds new camera support faster than any other RAW converter.
? EXIF editor – You can now edit ITPC and EXIF data embedded within your raws.
? Spot Removal – There’s no need to export to a 3rd party editor to remove dust bunnies and intrusive objects – The new spotting tool provides adjustable brush sizes and feathering
?capabilities for accurate and transparent removal of blemishes and unwanted objects.
? Improved Cropping function – More cropping features added to make resizing and trimming raws a breeze.
? Multi previews – See your edits side by side, before and after, synchronised or at different magnifications and even compare two independent images – Great for variation comparison.
? Improved interface – Floating thumbnails and adjustable scrolling orientation – Makes better use of your screen’s real estate.