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Duration 2h 31m Level Intermediate ?Project Files Included MP4

With the rise in popularity of the zombie genre of television shows, movies and games, so has the desire?of fans of this genre to create their own zombies. So much so that websites and mobile applications have?been created to do just this with your photos. You?ll soon see that there is no better place to do this?than inside Photoshop.

In this tutorial we’ll learn a variety of different techniques to help you accomplish the infection of?your own photos with the end result being a believable zombie. We?ll learn how to manipulate the pose of?a subject making them feel much more lifeless. Next we?ll learn how to add things like wounds, bite marks?and damage to their body to make it appear that they were infected in a not so pleasant manner. From here?we?ll begin to paint details that would be difficult to get manipulating existing information in our?photos.

Finally, we?ll color correct and retouch our subject to fit back into the original image. After going?through this training, you?ll have some great ideas how you can add a zombie infection to your own?photos.