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14 comments on “Autodesk Mudbox 2015 Win64/Mac

  1. Why would anyone use this useless piece of crap? Before anyone cracks a wobbley I would just like to state that I was a beta tester for Mudbox.

    • this useless crap you say has proven itself under many occasions on many titles and feature films, even thou I would go for zbrush, so stop talking bullshit

  2. What is useless about mudbox? Zbrush is very confusing and 3dcoat, which is what i use, is not the most intuitive app either. Anyone have any experience with mudbox with texture painting and retopo?

    • It’s the fact that they did absolutely nothing to improve Mudbox whatsoever from its rather basic and underwhelming set of features. There was and is so much that Mudbox could use, and they keep giving Mudbox the most minor of treatment, release by release. No answer for subtools. No dynamic remeshing while sculpting. No spline-based sculpting. No nothing.

      And regardless of how confusing and unintuitive the other options may be to some folks, they still offer far, far more value for your dollar than Mudbox has ever been for its price. Plus, they need. Mudbox is a great texturing tool, but an lazy sculpting tool.

      • *Plus, they need to bring down Mudbox’s price a good deal, because it’s not on-par in value to ZBrush, and 3D-Coat is half the price but nearly all the texturing features of Mudbox (and then some).

  3. zbrush is not very confusing actually has one of the best UI’s i’ve seen along cinema 4d.
    actually the new maya 2015 has lots of nice (new) retopo tools, and zbrush seconds that in r6. if you have just a little experience with zbrush you can get better retopology in a matter of minutes. and i actually like zbrush better for texture painting. im not only beta tester, im a certified instructor by autodesk, adobe and i’ve been doing 3d for the last 14 years. mudbox is not crap, it’s just less friendly and fun than zbrush. but useless, no. even blender is a very capable tool, being free and zero n00b friendly. it’s just a matter of dedication and practice. not a single software really stinks. not even office. and yes, i also have a pair of MS certifications.

  4. Look how many beta testers and Certified users we can found on this site :D

    • Something tells me that these “credentials” are meaningless claims.

      • why? because beta testers and certified instructors don’t want to get their hands on the softs earlier than the rest of the people? coman mecos tibios poes.

  5. Then…Suddenly beta testers claim imaginated credentials, “Mudbox” is a wonderful friendly tools, Creating Characters in 3D – Texturing realistic skin. The releasing of Mudbox 2015 has new Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer groups for organizing layers in complex scenes, including the ability to toggle visibility even duplicate multiple layers, that Rights!!!

    Also streamlined mesh refinement for apologizing tasks. Round-tripping between Mudbox and Maya much easy friendly is a new, with the ability to easily send single- and mulch-tile UV and Ptex textures back and forth. NOW that is Fun and Easy – Bellow is a easy fun tool is Cheers!!! =)

  6. This release doesn’t work correctly. you can’t export Ptex textures.

  7. correction. it doesn’t save Ptex files if you are loading a project created with a previous version of Mudbox, which kinda makes it a little useless.

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