One comment on “MindTex – FrozenFlame v2.0.1 Win

  1. Hey, fellow Persians. Please support the developer, if and when you can. This software costs only $15, and was priced with affordability in mind. All developers, esp. lone developers, deserve compensation for their work.

    Regardless whether you’re using it commercially or just as a hobbyist, we’re all using software without properly acquiring it, which may discourage many developers (esp., lone developers, who rely on the income).

    And no sense claiming we’re just downloading it to “try it out,” either–there’s a free trial available for such. Give the developer their due, if you’re able–and many of us quite honestly are. Some of us can afford these smaller products more than we care to admit.

    Encourage software development by supporting them if and when you can. Because as much as folks around here don’t care to admit it, piracy really can and does hurt businesses–small businesses in particular.

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