9 comments on “3DScan – Female and Male Ecorche Bundle

    • Both models have been on cgpeers for a while now, on separate torrents. But there will always be some retard asking for torrent anyway.

  1. 4hrs to download the first two parts…
    Why are these uploaders bent on using these retarded sharing sites? Out of spite? Or are they retarded?

    • Everything posted on here is also shared on another private torrent website called cgpeers, which btw is free to register. If you’re too dumb to grasp that simple fact and choose to download from here that’s your problem. Don’t blame others for your stupidity.

      • I am on cgpeers. Problem is, the torrent gets posted at a later time, if ever. It’s an after-thought. And for the record, you’re the stupid one.

      • You could’ve posted a link to the torrent if you like running your mouth that much. Except there’s no torrent to post a link to at the time I’m writing this, which kinda proves my point.

  2. Is that bi*ch rigged for changing the pose or do I need to do that myself…Anyone?

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