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  1. Installed, but whenever I try to start or enter a serial the window just closes without any error message. It might have something to do with the subscription system of Maya 2017.
    Besides I can’t start the Maya trial without being logged in.

    • Found a solution. So everyone with the same problem:

      1- Access the Windows Run box.
      2- Type Services.msc and press Enter.
      3- Search for FLEXnet Licensing Service or FLEXnet Licensing Service 64.
      4- Stop the services.
      5- Access the Folder C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet
      6- Delete all the files inside this folder
      7-Start the FLEXnet Licensing Service 64
      8- Start Your Software
      9- Activate the Software with the Keygen again

  2. @ Marat search in google how to reset your stand alone product license For all autodesk products. Just delete all data files inside Programdata/flexnet folder. Search for more in autodesk knowledge network. You have to reactivate all autodesk products.

  3. Hi,
    I have a strange bug when I try to enter a number with a point in the Attribut Editor, it doesnt work. I can only enter integer numbers.
    No problem with the channel editor.

    Anyone with the same problem? Very annoying.

    • H Point problem fix.
      Controlpanel/Region and Language/Keyboards and Languages/Change keyboards. Change it to English (United States)

  4. Anyone got throu activation? it always says that the Product Key is incorrect…

    • I was able to make arnold do batch render using v1.4.1.2 for maya 2017.

  5. Just wondering do we need to redownload the entire package or is it ok to just install the “update 1 & 2” part IF we already installed Maya 2017.

    • Just answering my own question. If you have already downloaded Maya 7 you will NOT have to redownload all this stuff, JUST download the update. In each of the above links it is called “Update” with 2 parts in each file host list. ASSUMING you have a “keygened” maya 7 installed already you will not need to register it again once the “update” is applied. Also the update takes a long, long time, it is a packed file even when decompressed and took 20 minutes even on my i7 16 core, so expect a long wait!! Like I said, good news is less download time and no re-registering process if you already installed and kegened m7. Good luck to my fellow artist and all the best.

  6. Who know how install in *nix? Crack folder contains only windows keygens.

  7. Hmm I can’t copy the whole activation code from keygen. I have Windows 10 and I tried compatibility mode but didn’t work.

    • direct link from autodesk:

  8. All links seems dead for win64

    Can somneone could reupload files ? thanks

  9. Is that normal I cant’ open my hypershade after two days?
    In my script, I have this message:
    // Warning: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/others/supportRenderers.mel line 64: The renderer “arnold” used by this scene, is not currently available. The “mayaSoftware” renderer will be used instead. //
    Thanks in advance!

  10. didn’t works!

    I found it. Remove “findMenuItem.mel”
    C:/Programmes files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/others

  11. I’m surprised that Update 3 is included, I can’t even find Release Notes or any mention on the Autodesk Website. How the hell did you find it?

  12. Hi thanks for all the links but they are broken now :-( I need to download one last rar pience and i cant. Could you please upload the WIN part 1 – 5 rar’s thant include updates 1-3. Thanks.

  13. hii ! Thanks for the links, but I have a problem, the part AutodeskMaya2017Winx64Upd1to3.part1.rar the page to be deleted. If you want me to share the last this part I thank you in advance.

  14. are the updates cumulative?
    As I already have 2017 + update 1-3, but haven’t installed any of it yet.


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