31 comments on “Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R18 SP2 updated Hotfix R18 to R18.041

  1. Hi i am getting error while installing c4d r18. The error was [“The procedure entry point RemoveDllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link liberary KERNEL32.dll”]
    Plz some one help to solve this…

  2. I get an virus warning when I try to open the keygen:


    Any help?

    • its not a virus , your antivirus takes the keygen like a virus

  3. I get the same error too. Can’t install it. Windows 7 64 bit.

  4. Trouble with Rar 5 message file corrupted


  5. Downloaded fine at ‘uploaded’. Unrared without any problem, I use ‘BetterZip’. Installed fine and worked like a charm on El Capitan and on macOS Sierra.

  6. https://www.cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=49834&torrentid=49778#torrent49778

  7. While 18 (nice) its a release candidate. Which is off TBPH. Why upload an RC, when the full one is already out?

  8. UPDATES is FREE from Maxon to any CINEMA 4D versions ! FREE !

  9. If you have any problems with C4DR18 installation you should update your Windows 7.

  10. Why cannot simply update to the latest version from Maxon website,by the way what does it mean…,: duration,project files included mp4….

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