38 comments on “Lumion Pro 6.5.1 Win x64

    • I’m with you buddy. Beggars can’t be choosers, but Twinmotion 2018 was uploaded extra quick and isn’t quite at Lumion’s level yet, so now that we know it was a bust, Lumion 7.5 needs some love.

    • hmm funny, my previous comment is gone.

      the thing is you can install this and seems working fine but youwon’t be able to render out anything. 100% crash even when using its own example libraries

  1. i will again search for 7.5 and if there be any real clue .. i will tell cgpersia (or diptera @ cgpeers) .
    btw many tnx for 6.5

  2. Solution for Crack

    after installing Lumion, disable antivirus ..

    Copy the Patch-Clean file to the Lumion directory

    Run as administrator and click Patch

    Your lumion is cracked

  3. Here is a magnet link (like torrent)

  4. I am not able to find the patch button when i open the patch. The window pops up and music plays and there’s a black square below the text “VERY IMPORTANT: Click About btn!” which blocks everything else. I cant seem to find any button. Help would be very much appreciated

    Link to screenshot : https://imgur.com/a/jck0N

  5. lumion 6.5 error:… Error Creating Render target…. the closes

    I installed DX 11.. updated the Graphic Card drivers .. but no use….
    even installed fresh Win 7 x64… and updated all…but no luck…

    Lumion 6.0 and 5 are running fine…. Can any one help plz….

    • same here, running on GTX1050 laptop, however it crashes every time I try to render anything, even from its example libraries.

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