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  1. CGPersia often post Nuke (what is great!). I was never able to do any version run in my computer.

  2. 1. Install the software.
    2- Install FLT7.1v1 by visiting the Crack folder.

    Run the Windows Task Manager and open the Service tab and stop the Foundry License Server service.

    4. Copy and replace the rlm.foundry.exe file contained in the Crack folder in the default C: \ Program Files \ The Foundry \ LicensingTools7.1 \ bin \ RLM path.

    5. Open the xf_foundry.lic file in the Crack folder and replace the HOST_NAME MAC_ADDRESS PORT …


    1. Run cmd (command line or command line) windows:
    type ‘hostname’ at the command prompt and press enter.
    Replace HOST_NAME with the value obtained by the ‘hostname’ command.


    2. Run cmd (command line or command line) windows:
    Type ‘getmac’ and press Enter. Replace MAC_ADDRESS with the 1st(the top one) Physical Address obtained by this command (enter in lowercase and without line spacing)

    3. Enter 5053 for PORT.

    4. Save xf_foundry.lic file

    5.Copy the xf_foundry.lic file to:

    C:\Program Files\The Foundry\LicensingTools7.1\bin\RLM

    7. Run Windows Task Manager, click the Service tab and Start the Foundry License Server service.

    8. Run the software. If the license file has not been automatically read, click Install License, and then click Use Server. In the box type 5053@

  3. YOU ARE A BRILLIANT! THANK YOU for the upload, and moreover, taking the time to write detailed instructions. Worked perfectly!

  4. help!! i can?t open the file, pop up a message : “the archive has a unknow format or is damaged” and I already download it twice. Please Help!!

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