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41 comments on “Adobe 2019 CC Collection Win x64 updated

    • 1) lightroom’s develop module doesn’t work completely. so the crack is currently useless
      2) premiere pro doesn’t download the HEVC codec anymore, in 2018 it did in TRIAL mode, then after that we could use painter’s patch and it would still work. but in this release it doesn’t even work in the trial anymore, so someone needs to rip the files and provide it in the crack
      3) media encoder also doesn’t encode/decode HEVC, but this didn’t work in 2018 trial mode and cracked mode, so nothing changed from 2018 to 2019 for media encoder’s HEVC problem

      HEVC (h265) will be used more and more by all cameras so it’s absolutely necessary. i think i’ll buy only premiere pro and crack the rest…

      • That is bad luck.
        Both things in my case super important :/.
        I don’t think that they would fix the problems.

        • Perhaps the AfterCodecs plugin will be a viable alternative to the missing HEVC problem.

      x265 for:
      Adobe After Effects CC 2014-2019
      Adobe Premiere Pro 2014-2019
      Adobe Media Encoder 2014-2019

      • Even when I install this plugin I am not able to import mp4-h265.
        I get popup that hvec is only for paid version not trial.

    • amtemu.v0.9.2-painter

      Application Name: Adobe Dimension CC
      Application LEID: V7{}Dimension-2-Win-GM
      Version: 2.0.0

  1. It is possible to use only “amtlib.dll” as a crack like by 2018 ?

    • Adobe remove the .dll file from activation. So far, it’s not possible activate offline.

    • >>Have never used ccmaker?

      you are unsure?

      >>here can I fond Instructions on sue?

      who is sue? sue woringthon or another sue?

    • Ditch the say and sink the loo, that’s hey you could find the sue ;)

    • ccmaker doesnt work with adobe 2019.
      you can download any program, but it will be (for 2019 versions) in trial mode and it will expire.

  2. You can use ACC to update/install Adobe applications.
    Then replace the cracked files and disable internet before launching them.

  3. Good Morning.
    Being objective: Can I continue to install / uninstall all adobe products through the ACC and run, without being connected to the internet, through the patch provided, replacing every .dll or .exe related to the installed product ?! It is very similar to replacing the previous amdlib.dll’s .dll’s with the previous patch. Am I right?! I just need to download this whole bundle file (two parts) !? I will only test when I am sure of these doubts. Thanks for the space.

    • I don’t understand how to use it.

      I followed your instructions and I did manage to download and install the applications, but only with ccmaker I can’t use the apps. They allways aske me to sing up to Adobe.

      Thank you

  4. I would like to apologize beforehand if anybody gets offended (I say this because in other webs some people get offended), but when I download “Win_1337_Apply_Patch_v1.0.rar” I can’t because it says it contains viruses.

    How can I download it and execute it?.


    • Just temporary disable your AV for a while until you D/L and patching finished.

  5. Cracks ok! To install execute CCMaker (offline) as admin and pinpoint to .xml files in each respective program folder (downloaded). Replace .exe or .dll of your installed app (some dlls I didn’t find – but After Effects for example is working fine)

  6. Does this update correct lightroom?s develop module doesn?t work completely? Can’t work on photos because in develop mode main area they appear as a gray square instead of the photo. In filmstrip and navigator the show up just fine

  7. This is new add AdobePhotoshopCC2019v20.0.1 Thank you.
    But before I check the Illustrator, PremierePro and Prelude rar file damaged.
    Thank you and wait only.

  8. There is a new version for Win 1337 Apply Patch 1.8, but I can’t find a download link. I think that the problems with Ligtroom are fixed in version 1.8

    • Take this one for download:

  9. Why do I get an install error with error code 1 right at the start of the install?

  10. First of all, I would like to thanks everyone doing efforts on this work in advance.
    Is there any instructions how to use Win_1337_Apply_Patch_v1.9_By_DFoX.exe?
    and this tool is seem need a file called “1337 File”, what is this file? where can I find these files?

  11. For those looking for Illustrator or don’t like how the other programs are working in the crack: a TEMPORARY solution is to off your wifi, find the application.xml file in supportfiles/contents/windows/amt and save a copy of that. Then open the .xml file inside amt in a Notepad and ctrl+f “TrialSerialNumber”. Once you’ve found that, there should be a large set of numbers in that string. Change a number or two in the string and save the file. You can turn on wifi now and open the program. The trial should be reset for another 7 days.

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