6 comments on “Allegorithmic Substance Alchemist-0.5.3-rc.3-141 Win

    • I Do. If you buy by the year its cheaper then month to month. I mean you are getting alot of shit for free or just $100 bux a year for like 10,000 worth of goods.

    • I pay 10 bucks for ul.to a month and have no problem with that.
      For this little money I can download tons of shares from the web.
      In the end a good invest =)

      You don’t have to bag for torrents …

    • why don’t you just go to a torrent site rather than make pointless comments, do you go to mcdonalds and ask for a burger king?

  1. I don?t have a credit card. What do I do? Nonsense answers for something you don?t pay for.

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