12 comments on “Solid Angle Cinema 4D To Arnold v2.5.0 for Cinema 4D R18-R20 Win/Mac

  1. I absolutely did not understand how to crack. Documentation would have been welcome

  2. Guys, I struggled a lot. I just downloaded the R20 Mac version. I had to download RLM server from SolidAngle and follow every direction. I got it working with this trick: download Batchmod and apply Execution Permission in rlm and rlmutil inside solidangle_rlm_osx (important: check also erase ACL option). Then copy all files in /Applications/solidangle/rlm folder (including .lic and .opt and .set) Restart computer and check inside Cinema 4D in plugin/c4dtoa/help/licensing/connect to license service and will say Found 999 RLM licenses

    Hope you get it working.

      • Simply batchmod the cracked files so they can have permission for execution.

  3. This is total shit. Part2 of a rar file inside a rar file (why do something so stupid anyway???) is missing. This shit is broken and should get removed!

  4. I have tested the windows version for R20 and it IS working, though it needs some tweaking to work.
    Extract “Solid.Angle.Cinema4D.To.Arnold.v2.5.0.For.Cinema4D.R20-AMPED.rar”
    Select and extract all 44 files from “ampkqu01” to “ampkqu44” to a single folder.
    Than extract only “amped.part01” (all others will follow the sequence automatically)
    An “amped” folder should be created with no errors.
    There are your files.
    1. Install

    2. Copy the provided “solidangle_client.lic” file to your C4D plugin installation folder where “ai.dll” is located. Usually, it is in the folder “C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\plugins\C4DtoA\arnold\bin”

    3. Create a Running Service for the license.

    Create a folder wherever you want, for example, “C:\Program Files\RLM Server” and put the following 5 files inside of it: rlm.exe, rlmutil.exe, solidangle.lic, solidangle.opt and solidangle.set
    3.1. Open your Command Prompt as Administrator. Change the directory path to your RLM folder just created, typing cd /Program Files\RLM Server. Now your Command Prompt should look like this: “C:\Program Files\RLM Server>”
    3.2. Paste the line >rlm -install_service -service_name RLM-SolidAngle -dlog +”C:\Program Files\RLM Server\solidangle.log” and hit Enter. (this should create a Service that you can check in your Task Manager in Services tab and also a log file)

    4. Access your Task Manager Services Tab and find the “RLM-SolidAngle” service. It?s Status should be “Running”, you can right click on it to modify if needed. (If an error pops up saying Acess Denied, right click on it and select Open Services, a new window should appear, find the service there and now you should be able to modify it).

    5. With the Service Running, your Arnold should be working! Check if there are any watermarks in your render.

    6. Enjoy.

    7. If you are still having problems, try to create an environment variable to help Arnold find the server.
    Open your Command Prompt as Administrator. Run the line setx /m solidangle_LICENSE=5053@server

  5. Nah, this doesn’t work.
    First of all, there are no files called ampkqu01 to ampkqu44. They are called ampziu and they only range to number 37, not 44.
    Second, it usually doesn’t matter if I extract all the necessary parts or not. WinRAR extracts all dependend files automatically into a temperory folder! If all the necessary parts are available, of course. If not, I get an error message and this is what happens here.
    I still tried to first extract them manually but the same happened. So your solution is none, it doesn’t work.

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