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  1. The crack does not seem to be working. it still requires a licence or something

  2. For Mac ->

    Problem is that the app lacks signature on the executable file, meaning after placing the cracked files over the oem ones, you need to CodeSign the app, because Mojave/Catalina requires the application to be CodeSigned. Does not matter who codesign it. You will codesign it locally on your machine.

    Open a terminal window, execute the command to install XcodeTools, it is very quick, on Terminal, execute this command:

    xcode-select –install

    Wait it finish the installation, it should take about 3 to 5 minutes

    Use the following command on terminal (this is ONE command line, copy and paste it on Terminal..) wait for it to codesign the application, it should take some minutes.. about 2 to 5 minutes..

    codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD\ 23/ARCHICAD\ 23.app/

    • By the way if you try the above mentioned procedure the program will start normally…
      When u work with it 4 the first time then if u reboot, or if u close it and reopen another file it will take ages to start! Resigning helps sometimes, but it’s better if u uninstall and reinstall it… Anyway I wouldn’t recommend using this, try finding a crack for AC 22 version 6025 or 7000 so it can run with Catalina… avoiding the crash bug when changing text (still nothing is released yet)…

  3. If you want to make a shortcut of the codesign command in order to run it anytime you want just do the following :

    Open terminal

    Type : nano ~/.bash_profile

    Inside the file paste the following :

    # Aliases
    # Establishing custom commands below
    alias cad=’codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD\ $

    Alt+X to exit and save AS IS! This way we create an alias command with the name cad, every time we type cad on terminal it will re-codesign the Archicad app.

    Open AppleScript Editor, create new document and write inside :

    tell application “Terminal” to do script “cad”

    Save as an application at Desktop (or everywhere you like).
    Every time you cannot open Archicad, just run the App you just created and then run Archicad.

    • Paste the following inside nano (correction) :

      # Aliases
      # Establishing custom commands below
      alias cad=’codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD\ 23/ARCHICAD\ 23.app/‘

      In case the patch (codesigning process) is giving an error message, go to Applications, Graphisoft, Archicad 23
      Right click on Archicad.app and select show package contents
      Go to Folder Contents
      Go to folder MacOS
      and delete the file ARCHICAD.cstemp
      rerun the patch command/app

      If you still encounter issues, copy once more the cracked ARCHICAD executable and re-run the patch (code sign)

      Any help or new crack would be appreciated!!!
      Unless you have High Sierra or Windows that don’t require code-sign in order to run AC23, the best option still remains AC22…

      Let’s see what will happen with Archicad 24…
      Even though GRAPHISOFT will use the same code-sign method…

  4. HI there, can anyone please help me on how to install it on Mac High Sierra? Thanks!

  5. Hi There, im trying to copy the crack files to the applications directory but im not sure which directory they are meant to be pasted in? Im sure normally you would need to replace current files with the crack files but they non have the same name.

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