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9 comments on “Sitni Sati FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D R18-R21 Win

      • Hmm… im using r21 by the way. The smoke trail is not following the spline and when i tick mark the box always visible the green guides do not show up.

      • Im using r21. With the 1st option crack. The solve wont follow the designated spline guide, just ignores it. Also when i tickmark the always display to show the green guides they do not appear.

  1. Im using r21. First crack. The solve ignores the spline guide. I have it slotted into the field for the guide and i have it under the object tab. Also when i checkmark always display the green guides along the spline do not show up. I have reinstalled and updated my driver. What version are you running?

  2. i figured it out. the spline has to be b-spline. all is working as it should.

  3. hey. I can not figure out the installation of the plugin. Can anyone help?

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