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  1. Included Read Me!.txt says:

    1) Install application, launch once fully, when you get account nag close it.
    2) Copy patched file in:
    C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23\corelibs
    Note: Block it with firewall!

    I have not tested it, but:
    How to download content packages/help files aso when net access is blocked for CINEMA 4D.exe?

    • It is not necessary to block the execution file by the firewall. Don’t start the license manager. Disable anonymous activity and automatic updates in the settings. Do not update the online version of the program. All other files can be downloaded online. If the license fails, you need to replace the file again.

    • no need to block in firewall, just download the content. works fine for me.

    • Are you able to include the license file ?? makes it easier for downloading

  2. Could u guys post the tutorials from dokak:


    I appreciate.

    Thak u all again.

    • According to official statements from Maxon, Redshift Render will not be integrated into Cinema 4d. Will always be a standalone plugin.

  3. When I try to start it, the initial credits window comes up but stays on “initializing interface” forever, and needs to be force-quit…any idea why that would be the case?

    I tried it with both the original and the “fixed” lib, same result.

    • After installing Cinema, you must start once until you come to the accountlogin. then quit Cinema and copy the patch

      • I did that, but like I said, the initial window got stuck in “initializing interface” mode and I had to force-quit it after 15 mins. What could cause this?

  4. Mac version:

    After installing the program and during first run it’s stuck on “initializing interface”.
    After checking the app’s status in task manager it’s “Application Not Responding”.

    Also in the DMG file there is no “READ ME!!.txt” file.

    Should I copy the fixed file “licensing.module.xdl64” from windows version into lib?

    OSX: licensing.module.xlib
    Win: licensing.module.xdl64

    • Mac version also hanging at initialising interface. Have the latest Catalina updates.
      Tried to find the prefs and deleted that to no avail.
      There is no Mac xlib medicine in this archive.
      Tries xlib from previous version but wouldn’t even start. Tried to find a xlib version r23 on internet but didn’t find any.

      Guess we have to wait for an update of this archive.

      • Download the trial version from Maxon.net and install and launch it and quite and replace the patched file. DONE

  5. In Windows 10, anyone get a virus alert from the patch file? And is the patch file just a straight replacement or do I need to run it?

  6. Anyone know how to get the presets download for the content manager?

  7. hey,
    i can´t update the language. when i try to install by manual updater it just doesn´t open an updater dialog window. any solution?

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  9. Hello everyone,
    How can I access your torrent site? I’ve been a torrent user for many years and I promise to be a regular seeder !! : D

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