9 comments on “Learncinematography – Cinematography Masterclass

  1. Please make a torrent for this, downloading via the links is terrible.

  2. Sorry to be repetitive… But a torrent of this really would be nice…

  3. This isn’t ALL the classes, correct? It doesn’t have:

    – Module 4 “Camera Gear” which includes 10 videos. (The 4th folder in your upload is just a preview of another course on music videos)

    – Module 20 “Exercises” There are three exercises in this.

    Oddly, on the LearnCinematography website, they no longer list a 3rd module. #2 is Pre Production but in your upload #2 is Lighting Breakdown. Your upload has a #3 and that’s Pre-Production.


    • That’s correct! But I think it’s just a case of them updating the class as they go.

      There’s also two missing videos from RAW and CINE breakdowns.

      Would be great if could get CAMERA GEAR and SCENE ANALYSIS updates as well!


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