16 comments on “V-Ray 5.00.02 for Rhino 7 and SketchUp 17 – 21 Win

    • no two forum members, mixed reports, some say works perfect, some say it don’t work, the norm for most releases

  1. windows defender blocked the dll. the dll from previous versions are fine but don’t work for this version.

  2. @albe windows defender probably blocked it because it is packed – nothing wrong with that. For the version of v-ray 5 use only this fix. For the previous v-rays use the previous fixes (2 dlls) from msi.
    Meanwhile i use Su 2019, the fix works, but i have doubts about Vray Vision rendering… freezes…Anyone tested it ?

  3. where is part 5 in bytesbox link? I cant download using other links somehow

  4. Hi. Windows defender detected the rhino crack Dll. as a trojan. Never happened this before with your programs.
    Can you please check and confirm it isnt malicious?
    Thank you very much

    • Me too, it detects Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.DD!ml
      Do anyone get the same alert?
      Thanks! :-)

  5. Not working for me.
    Installed on sketchuo 2019 (windows 7 64bit)
    In new sketchup file (empty) it crashes when trying to render or when opening the frame buffer.
    Everything else seems to work fine (new materials, new editor, etc).

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