7 comments on “xNurbs V5.010 Plugin for Rhino and SolidWorks v2

  1. GOD bless you, Fuck Amerca… thanks for the crack!
    I have been struggling with cracking it for 2 months.

  2. network for please explain that why i save the license first ?? then install the activators2?
    Where is the 30-day license that you said we should save first?

  3. WTF instructions is this? ” NAME must contain BEFORE, or AFTER
    NAME determines verstion to patch, because Version, and File Size identical.”

  4. countryboy eveything ok but i uninstall everything and tried to reinstall with saved license file it doesnt work fails and rhino closed. saved license file doesnt work…

  5. does anybody have a proper readme file for this? the instructions included are not written in any comprehensible language even if the words are in english. it would be cool to either proposing a clear way to install this or stop uploading it

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